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homeschool kindergarten Kindergarten at Home: Getting Started - Making the decision to homeschool is big. The next step is choosing curriculum and planning what and how you want your child to learn.  I’m a big proponent of old school kindergarten –a very relaxed approach that focuses on learning through play, outdoor time in the natural environment, reading lots of books together, and exploring whatever my child is interested in. But I do like to have a some curricula choices on hand to use as a guide. There’s ...
easy science experiments for kids Simple Science Experiments for Spring - Spring is about to…well, spring. We couldn’t be more excited! Here are more than twenty great simple science experiments with the theme of Spring.     Experiments With Plants and Gardening Learning about plant root systems from Imagination Tree. The celery experiment that shows how water travels in plant stems from Coffee Cups and Crayons. Starting seeds indoors from us, Creekside Learning.
Laughing Toddler playing with colored pens making a mess How To Homeschool With a Really, Really, Really Active Toddler - This is for you, the mommas with toddlers who scale refrigerators instead of sitting quietly, gently exploring a toy.   …for the mommas with toddlers who dump ALL the cereal onto the pantry floor in 2 nanoseconds when you thought they were right next to you–those baby ninjas.   This is for you, mommas of toddlers who defeat all the childproofing devices and clog every toilet in the house with Matchbox cars before the sun comes up; the toddlers ...
easy science experiments Cool Science Experiments for Kids: Easter Theme - I love organizing some of our learning around a holiday theme or season.  We just finished exploring our winter science experiments and now we’re ready for Spring with these fun Easter experiments. Test the strength of a raw egg, grow a carrot from the top, raise baby chicks and experiment with your Easter candy with these cool science experiments for kids.   
easy science experiments for kids Cool Science Experiments: Growing Crystals - This two-ingredient project has a big WOW factor, and it’s become a favorite in our house. I am  always on the lookout for cool science experiments for kids that I can do right in my kitchen. This growing crystals experiment fits the bill!
reluctant reader Please Don’t Call My Child a “Reluctant” Learner - My child wants to learn every day. Some days, she rejects the work I want her to do, tossing her math book aside and slithering out of her chair, but later I find her drawing pictures for a book she is making. She has the whole story in her head and it takes place in Brazil, the country we most recently studied in geography. She asks me for more information about Brazil so that she can include it in the pictures she is drawing. She clearly wants to learn. There ...
Cool Science Experiments for Kids Cool Science Experiments: With a St. Patrick’s Day Theme - These cool science experiments look like so much fun, it’s hard to choose just a few. They span from kindergarten through middle school,  so there’s something for everyone here.  Choose from one of the main themes of St. Patrick’s Day:  Rainbows, gold, leprechauns or shamrocks.  We’ve got it all covered!  Top o’the morning to you and your junior scientists!  


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