Easy Science Experiments : Secret Messages

We love easy science experiments and this one falls under the category of Kitchen Science Experiments as well, using ingredients we already had on hand in the kitchen. We painted secret messages and pictures, then revealed them in just a couple of minutes. I’ll explain the science behind the experiment in just a moment. 

kitchen science experiments


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Counting to 100 Scavenger Hunt with Free Printables

One of our kindergarten math activities this year is counting to 100 and doing it in a way that is fun and gets our bodies moving. Whole-body learning activities are always a hit for my active kids, so I made these Valentine numbers. They are also great for incorporating into 100 Days of School activities. 

Kindergarten math activities. Counting to 100.


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Fractions Activities with Oreo Cookies

There are so many fun ways to introduce fractions activities. Think of all the possibilities. There’s food that can be divided, like pie, pizza, loaves of bread, granola bars, etc.. There’s play dough and clay and even LEGOs.  Really endless, those possibilities.  Here’s a fun way to introduce the concept of fractions to kindergarten and preschool aged kids. 

fractions activities

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Kindergarten Math Activities – Flying LEGO Mini-Figs

I’m always looking for great kindergarten math activities for my six-year-old, so I was really impressed when my ten-year-old came up with this flying LEGO mini-fig game for his little brother using his stomp rockets. Stomp rockets are one of our favorite indoor toys and this activity was perfect for a bad-weather day.  Once the boys got the rockets and LEGO guys set up, they started measuring for distance, which is one of the math concepts I’ve been working on with my little guy.  

kindergarten math activities

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Ultimate List of Math Activities for 5th Grade & 6th Grade

Workbooks have their place but often, I think,  their best use is to give me guidance and inspiration as to what my kids need to learn next. When my kids are in the master-a-concept stage, hands on activities (even whole body activities) help them grasp the concepts much faster than a pile of worksheets. As we move on to the next level of learning, gathering a group of activities that I can pull from each day has been a big help. And I’m happy to share those lists with you. Here’s everything you need to add hands on math activities for 5th grade and 6th grade. 

  Math activities 5th grade and 6th grade

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