Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids

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Ancient Egypt is such a fun historical period to learn about with kids.  Mummies and pyramids and pharaohs are fascinating. Here are some great ancient Egypt activities for kids. We used them in conjunction with Story of the World Ancient Times but they really go well with any ancient studies curriculum.  

Ancient Egypt activities


Make your own Nile River in a foil pan. Plant “reeds” and watch them grow by flooding your Nile River. 

ancient Egypt activities for kids

Make a mini Nile River outside in your yard. Add crocodiles, of course. Read stories about ancient Egypt and act them out.

Make Egyptian Reed Boats and sail them in your river. 

Build a LEGO pyramid with hidden golden treasure inside. 

Ancient Egypt Activities for kids : LEGO pyramid

Build a sugar cube pyramid. 

Mummify a chicken.  Or a rubber chicken.  Or a Barbie doll. 

how to mummify a chicken

Make mini bows and arrows, a chariot out of a sled and gold cuff jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt’s invasion of Nubia.

Make a King Tut mask and learn about this famous boy king, as well as Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s first female pharaoh. 


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