Ancient Greece Activities

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We’ve been working our way through the chapters in our history curriculum that cover ancient Greece. Here are some of the fun projects we’ve done to go along with them.

We made a paper parthenon from our History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations 
book and learned all about the goddess, Athena, whose statue was placed inside the Parthenon.

We made a pizza dough Parthenon. Okay, use your imagination. It wasn’t easy getting the dough to stretch just the way we wanted it, but it was fun to make.
 While our dough was baking, we learned about how the Greeks had dinner parties, from the  Visitor’s Guide to the Ancient World.

 We decided to have a Greek Lunch Party, in the style of ancient Greece. We bathed and “perfumed” our feet before entering the party…
 …then had our lunch while reclined on the couch cushions, just like the ancient Greeks.  With a few modifications, like our beach towels to protect the couches.
 The kids decided this was  a fun way to eat, much more fun than eating at the table.  I have the feeling that there will be some more Greek Lunch Parties in our future.