Awesome Science Activities Through The Seasons

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We can’t get enough of hands-on science experiments around here!  These awesome science activities are categorized by the seasons of the year. Grab one to add to your homeschool or after school learning. Keep this list handy all year long. Thee are over 100 science experiments here to fit every season. 

I’ve pulled the best science experiments from blogs and websites across the internet and put them all in one place. They will work for a wide variety of ages from preschool through elementary school. 
Science Through The Seasons

Awesome Science Activities for Winter

What makes pinecones open up? Do mittens really keep our hands warm? How do you make frozen bubbles? These 20+ winter science activities include experiments about ice, snow, sledding, winter holidays and animals in winter. 

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Awesome Science Activities for Spring

Can you raise butterflies to lay eggs in captivity? How do rain clouds work? Can you squeeze an egg and not break it? 

Here are 20+ spring science activities that include experiments about plants and gardening, nature study with animalsm spring weather, Easter eggs, and Earth Day themed experiments.

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Awesome Science Activities for Summer

Why is the ocean salty? Can you make s’mores in a solar oven? Which animals visit your yard after the sun goes down? 

Here’s 35+ summer science activities, including experiments about the night sky, insects, animals, the beach, the sun and even a few for when it’s just too hot to be outdoors.

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Awesome Science Activities for Fall

Why do leaves change color? What makes an apple rot? How do squirrels help the forest by hoarding nuts? 

These fall science activities will explore the science of animals, leaves, pumpkins, apples, Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

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More Holiday Themed Science Activities

Valentine’s Day

How does the human heart work? What happens when you put conversation hearts in liquids? What’s the chemistry involved in secret love messages? Try these Valentine themed science experiments to find out. 


awesome science activities

St. Patrick’s Day

How do rainbows work? Where can you find the element gold? What makes shamrocks green? Find out with these St. Patrick’s Day Science Experiments. 

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Can you bounce a raw egg? Can you grow carrots in a soda bottle? How do you raise and care for baby bunnies? Find out that and more with these cool Easter Science Experiments

cool science experiments


Can you make a pumpkin explode?! Is spider venom dangerous? How do you make a fake blood potion? These activities and more can be found in our list of spooky and fun Halloween Science Experiments.

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