Book Club Fun: Flower Arranging

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We had a lovely book club today, arranging flowers and making our table pretty for snacks.
Celebrating Felicity's BirthdayFirst, I gave the girls each a tray with some glass jars to upcycle into pretty vases.  We used craft tape (Washi tape) to decorate the outside of the jars. More about our book club selection in a moment.

flowers for Felicity's birthday

The Washi tape adheres nicely to glass and is very easy to work with. The girls could rip the tape to the lengths they wanted to decorate their jars.

washi tape jars as upcycled flower vases

Next, the girls arranged the flowers into the vases and we set our table with plates of snacks, all the while discussing our book club selection.

Celebrating Felicity's BirthdayOur book is from the American Girl historical doll collection, Felicity’s Birthday. The Felicity books take place in Colonial times.
Happy Birthday Felicity. American Girl Doll.See our Hands-On History:  Learning with American Girl Dolls page.

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