Books for Learning About Jamestown, John Smith and Pocohontas

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early american history jamestownOur early American History studies had us lingering in Jamestown for a while.

We’ve discovered so many wonderful books, that we really enjoyed hanging out there with John Smith, Pocohontas, Christopher Newport, the Powhatan Indians and the British settlers.


Books that make this part of history come alive:

Journey to Jamestown: My Side of the Story was our most favorite. You read one side of the book from the viewpoint of Elias, a young English settler, then you flip the book over and read the story from the viewpoint of Sacahocan, a young girl from the Powhatan  tribe. The two characters interact throughout the story and become friends, despite their respective people fighting with one another.

English settlers from the Jamestown TOOB.

English settlers from the Jamestown TOOB.

Our spine:  The History of US: Making Thirteen Colonies: 1600-1740  by Joy Hakim. We listen to the cd’s as well as read the text.

Powhattan Indians from the Jamestown TOOB in a pan full of uncooked rice.

Powhatan Indians from the Jamestown TOOB in a pan full of uncooked rice.

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