Summer Crafts for Kids ~ Summer Memories Book

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Summer’s end is drawing near. We’ve packed a whole lot of good, simple fun into this beautiful season. I want my kids to have wonderful memories of summers spent doing amazing things together: swimming, collecting shells at the beach, riding roller coasters, making s’mores around the campfire, going for long bike rides to nowhere in particular.  

How to make a summer memories book with your kids.

We have a fun way to preserve those memories and it’s also one of those summer crafts for kids that is perfect to do together, in these last remaining days of summer. We’re going to get messy with sand and glue, but that’s okay. These memory books will not only be a great keepsake but fun to show off to friends, family, classmates and more.

summer crafts for kids to make

 You will need:

  • Sand
  • Seashells
  • Elmer’s Glue/Wet Ones Combo pack (available in select Target’s Back to School section, while supplies last)
  • Cardstock
  • Printer
  • Small pocket photo album
  • Favorite photos printed out

Summer Crafts for Kids

How to Make a Summer Memories Book With Your Kids

  1. Gather your supplies. I found these 4×6 “brag book” style photo albums for $1.99 at a local craft store. Sometimes I’ve seen them in the dollar spot/dollar store bins too. We used regular play sand (the type you put into sand boxes) and seashells we’d collected from the beach. I found the Elmer’s Glue/Wet Ones combo pack at Target (available at select stores).
  2. Choose whatever colored card stock you’d like and cut it to 4×6 size.
  3. Have your kids spread Elmer’s glue at the bottom of the card to represent the beach, then sprinkle the sand on, tapping off any excess.messy summer crafts for kids
  4. Add small seashells and affix with Elmer’s glue.sea shell crafts for kids
  5. Allow to dry.  Clean up with Wet Ones wipes.
  6. Use card stock to make the title: “The Summer I was [insert age]“. We used the fun fonts and a banner at PicMonkey (free) but you can do this in any program or have the kids write it out in their own handwriting. Glue it to the card. Insert in front pocket of photo album after drying.beach crafts for kids
  7. Insert photos into the photo album pages.
  8. We added little descriptions to each photo. I asked the kids to tell me in their own words what was going on in the photo and what they liked about this crafts for kids

 This was the best part of the project for me, hearing what they got excited about, what they remember, seeing the smiles and joy as they recalled this beautiful summer and ran to show their books to Daddy. They carried their books along when we went to visit friends and over to Grandma’s house. 

photo books for kids

 How will you spend the last days of summer with your family this year? I’d love for you to share in the comments. 

Fun Art Projects for Kids ~ Painting On Trees

Did you know you could paint trees? Never really thought about it, did you? Me either. Until the other day, when my kids and I stumbled upon the idea, playing with art supplies outside. If you’re looking for fun art projects for kids this summer, add this to your list. It’s fun and can be done over and over again. All you need is a little paint. . 

Summer Art Projects for Kids ~~ Painting Trees from Creekside Learning

No trees were harmed in this art project.  We used {affiliate link*} Washable Liquid Tempera Paint.  Indeed, it washed off with a rain storm later that night. 

We painted with brushes…

Paint a tree. Info on paint that won't harm trees. From Creekside Learning.

…and, we painted with our hands. What a great sensory experience! The cool paint going onto hands with tickly brushes, feeling the rough bark of the tree and the patterns in the lines of bark.

 Sensory Art: Painting Trees With Our Hands | Creekside Learning

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Summer Art for Kids:  Painting Trees from Creekside Learning.

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Learning About the Great Artists: Homeschool Artist Studies

learning about the great artists: homeschool artist studiesWe are so excited to be learning about the world’s greatest artists this year!  Here is how we are approaching the wonderful study of art.

Our main goal is not to do an in-depth artist study but to do an introduction of the various styles and works of the masters, with some information about each artists’ life. If the kids choose to linger over one particular author, as my daughter has done with Faith Ringold and my son has done with Vincent Van Gogh, then that is fine. We will linger. Otherwise we spend a couple of days very focused on a particular artist. I leave the materials out for at least a week, so they can come back to them when they want to.

Flower paintings for our Georgia O'Keeffe artist study.

Flower paintings for our Georgia O’Keeffe artist study.

A Place for Our Artist

I set up an area that includes [Read more...]

Valentine Projects at The Studio

I had a great time baking and crafting with my kids with some new Valentine themed projects for the fab folks over at Kiwi Crate’s The Studio. Here’s a peek at what we did. Click on the photos or links to go over to The Studio and get the recipes and full directions.

But first, let me share something new with you.

the studio pop-up shopBesides being the place to find hundreds of creative kids craft ideas, The Kiwi Crate Studio just launched their kids craft materials pop-up shop.

The shop is filled with top-quality materials, hand-picked by the kids art experts at award-winning Kiwi Crate.  Find a fun project you want to try, then have the materials shipped right to your door. Explore interesting new materials from glittery clay to liquid watercolor and eco-friendly options as well.

And now, on to our Valentine recipes and projects.

Valentine Yogurt Treats. These are healthy and super easy to make.

Valentine yogurt treats

Valentine Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Another healthy Valentine snack, and the kids loved helping with the trick that makes the muffins into a heart shape.

Heart Muffins

Handprint and Footprint Valentines.  A little bit messy, a lot of fun to make and definitely something to treasure when those little hands and feet aren’t so little anymore.


Chocolate Dipping Spoons. We’ve made these for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and just winter in general. The kids can make them and who doesn’t love a little extra melted chocolate stirred into their hot cocoa or coffee?

dipping spoons

Mason Jar Cupcakes.  This is another all-occasion idea that works for Valentine’s Day, too. I make these any time I need to transport a dessert to a party or family gathering. Everyone oohs and aahs over them and guess what? It’s just a cupcake in a jar with some extra icing. That’s it.

Mason Jar Cupcakes

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Fall Crafts, Math Learning and More at The Studio

I have a secret that I can finally tell you.  I’ve been crafting and creating and then writing my little heart out over the past 6 weeks, at a place other than my blog. I am so excited to be a part of The Studio, a brand new resource for creative inspiration, brought to you by the fine folks at Kiwi Crate.

So, what have I been writing about? Well, fun fall things, to start with. Check out these mini-apple pies with press-in dough that the kids can easily make.  Work on some early math skills with apple patterns, watch popcorn pop on your stove and make an easy teepee with sticks for doll and stuffed animal pretend play time, while you learn about early Native American history. And there’s more!

We’ve also been adding to our hands-on math collection of activities, including counting trees for my preschooler, mental math outside on the scooter, skip counting hopscotch and skip counting football for my elementary aged kids.

So hop on over to The Studio and check this all out. While you’re there, you can get so many more learning and crafting ideas: Homemade gifts, two-ingredient projects, party ideas, sanity savers, holiday projects, and much, much more.

The Studio is a Pinterest-friendly place, too, so feel free to pin your favorite projects and check back, because more are being added all the time.  Oh, speaking of Pinterest, The Studio is having a Pin It to Craft It event. You could win a Pottery Barn Kids craft table and a $100 to spend at Kiwi Crate. See their website for details on how to enter.

Here’s one more fun fall project that we’ve done that’s over at The Studio. We painted with chrysanthemum flowers. This took only a few minutes and my kids got so creative with it. You can see it here.

Paintings made with chrysanthemum flowers.

Disclosure: I am a paid contributor to The Studio but my decision to share about the projects I’ve created for The Studio with my blog readers is my own.