Our New Art Room

We’ve had many spaces for art in our home, but having a very active toddler has compelled us to designate a room in our house just for art.  I believe that kids should be able to go and create whenever the mood strikes and have the supplies available to inspire them.  Unless they are under the age of 2 and in total destruction mode. You know who you are, Love Bug. Anyway, the Queen Bee especially loves to spend hours each day coloring, painting, gluing, cutting, etc.

We had many of our art supplies in our home office with a little table and kid-sized chairs. The Queen Bee’s art projects overflowed the little table onto my desk as well as The Husband’s on a daily basis. It was time to give her more space. With the resident in-laws recently vacating one of the room’s in our house, it was time to put my art room plans into action.

Here are the components of the art room.  First we have an easel set up with paper, paints and smock, ready to go at any time. Also, here is our table and roll of butcher paper.  As you can see this is an old folding table and they can do whatever they want to it, Mom won’t fuss about paint or glue getting all over it.

Next we have our drawers of markers, colored pencils, glue, extra paint brushes, etc. This is actually a c.d. storage system that I got at a garage sale for ten dollars.

I took photos of the contents of each drawer, laminated them and made a label on my labelmaker. I punched two holes in the top of each laminated photo and tied them to the drawer pulls with pretty ribbon.

In this corner we have shelves for paper, drawers for stickers, containers to stash extra smocks, and my favorite, our “candy jars” of fun stuff to glue onto other stuff.

Here’s a close up of the “candy jars”.  I saw this idea at the Children’s Museum of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia.  I plan to change out the items periodically, but for now we have feathers, flowers and leaves (I just bought a few sprigs of silk flowers at the craft store and snipped them off their fake stems), small beads, and ribbons and wrapping paper (I cut up various lengths of dollar bin ribbon. I also took wrapping paper and cut out circles that said “Happy” and “Birthday”.).

In the corner I have a comfy glider and foot stool for myself.  When I’m not doing art with the kids, I can sit with my laptop and/or cup of coffee and…

…enjoy the view.  We have a hummingbird feeder and plan to add several more feeders, especially over the winter months.