Poetry For Kids ~ 10 Favorite Poetry Books

I am thrilled to be one of the co-hosts for the 2014 Kids Poetry Celebration and Contest! Poetry for kids is something we are passionate about in our house. Readers often ask me what poetry books we use and love.  There are so many, but these are the ones we come back to over and over again, the ones with the dog-eared dust jackets and chocolate smears from our Tuesday Tea Time snacks.  

Poetry for Kids :: 10 Favorite Books

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How We Use the Brave Writer Program + Win a Brave Writer Poetry Guide

April is National Poetry Month and our favorite folks over at Brave Writer are sponsoring a giveaway of Poetry Guides to three lucky Creekside Learning readers. But first, let me tell you about how our family uses the Brave Writer program.

How We Use the Brave Writer Program

The Brave Writer program was designed by Julie Bogart, a homeschooling mom of five, to help parents be a coach to their children’s writing voice. Our family has been using Brave Writer for two years and it has worked really well for us.  I love that this program grows with your kids. We started out in the Jot It Down phase, where my kids would dictate their writing, in their voice, to me. This year, my oldest is delving in to the Partnership Writing phase. In the fall, he hopes to try out his first on-line class (Brave Writer offers many).  

Most significant of all has been the difference I’ve seen in my kids when I ask them to write.  The Writer’s Jungle, which is the cornerstone of all the Brave Writer programs, has helped us leap to the Brave Writer lifestyle.

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Sea Turtle Facts for Kids

Sea turtles are amazing creatures! I’ve been collecting sea turtle facts for kids to prepare to learn more about these awesome animals. Much of the science learning my younger kids do is centered around animals.  A recent trip to Florida got us curious about sea turtles.  

Sea Turtle Facts For Kids

What do sea turtles eat?  Where do sea turtles live? We set up our own pretend sea turtle habitat and began exploring some great learning resources.

What do sea turtles eatHere are the resources we used:  {affiliate links} 

where do sea turtles live Safari Ltd Loggerhead Turtle in our Step2 Water Table.  You may have noticed that we use this table a lot, filling it with various things. I have a big Sterilite container that I keep the sand in, so we can use the table for other things like cloud dough, shaving cream (makes great snow) and more.

 where do sea turtles live

 Turtles, available in paperback or Kindle edition.

sea turtle facts for kids

Our sea turtle dug a hole and laid her eggs (we used mini-marshmallows), then she went back to the sea.  While my kids were playing with the pretend habitat, I read them the book about turtles. 

What do sea turtles eat?

Well, it depends on the sea turtle.  Loggerheads have strong jaws so they can eat things with shells, like conch, while green turtles eat seagrass and Leatherbacks eat jellyfish.  You can read more about what sea turtles eat at seeturtles.org. 

Where do sea turtles live?

Sea Turtles live almost all of their lives in the ocean, except for females who come ashore to lay eggs.  They live in all the world’s oceans except the Arctic.  

On-line resources for sea turtles:

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Beach Time

The Creekside Learning family is on vacation this week. The beach was calling. We answered. 

“Hello, Ocean. I’m here.”

creekside learning

We will be back soon. I have lots of exciting new posts brewing. In the meantime, the Hands-On Science and Preschool: Learning Is Fun! boards are hopping over on Pinterest. Check them out, repin and follow to get more great learning ideas in your Pinterest feed.

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20 Great Science Activities for Preschoolers

There are so many fun ways to incorporate science activities for preschoolers into your home or school day. What better way is there to have hands-on, sometimes messy, always fascinating learning, right in your own kitchen or classroom?  Here are 20 terrific  preschool science experiments.

science activities for preschoolers

  1. Make a comet using a tennis ball and glow sticks.
  2. Learn about the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies. 
  3. Make constellations with rocks and sidewalk chalk.
  4. Learn all about the stars and make a Star Jar. 
  5. The Galaxy Experiment. Learn about the spiral motion of The Milky Way.
  6. Experiment with freezing and melting in the kitchen.
  7. Change solids to liquids using candles, ice and chocolate.
  8. What makes ice melt? And what doesn’t.  [Read more...]