Peeps Diorama ~ Make Your Favorite Book Character

We love to do activities inspired by children’s literature.  For a fun activity before Easter (or afterwards, when you are up to your bunny ears in all that candy), make a peeps diorama. Let your favorite book characters inspire you.  Here are our peeps dioramas. 

Don’t Let the Peep Drive the Bus

From my 5-year-old’s favorite Mo Willems book, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. We worked on this together. 

Make a Peeps Diorama inspired by your favorite book character

Pirate Fairy Peep

My daughter was inspired by The Pirate Fairy and made her peeps diorama with Zarina and Tinker Bell (holding paper swords).

Easter Peeps Diorama -- The Pirate Fairy Zarina and Tinker Bell

Goodnight, Peep

And finally, our ,minimalist Goodnight Moon peeps diorama, by my 9-year-old son.

 Peeps Diorama -- Goodnight Moon

What characters will inspire you?

 Peeps Diorama -- Let Your Favorite Books Inspire You


Sea Turtle Facts for Kids

Sea turtles are amazing creatures! I’ve been collecting sea turtle facts for kids to prepare to learn more about these awesome animals. Much of the science learning my younger kids do is centered around animals.  A recent trip to Florida got us curious about sea turtles.  

Sea Turtle Facts For Kids

What do sea turtles eat?  Where do sea turtles live? We set up our own pretend sea turtle habitat and began exploring some great learning resources.

What do sea turtles eatHere are the resources we used:  {affiliate links} 

where do sea turtles live Safari Ltd Loggerhead Turtle in our Step2 Water Table.  You may have noticed that we use this table a lot, filling it with various things. I have a big Sterilite container that I keep the sand in, so we can use the table for other things like cloud dough, shaving cream (makes great snow) and more.

 where do sea turtles live

 Turtles, available in paperback or Kindle edition.

sea turtle facts for kids

Our sea turtle dug a hole and laid her eggs (we used mini-marshmallows), then she went back to the sea.  While my kids were playing with the pretend habitat, I read them the book about turtles. 

What do sea turtles eat?

Well, it depends on the sea turtle.  Loggerheads have strong jaws so they can eat things with shells, like conch, while green turtles eat seagrass and Leatherbacks eat jellyfish.  You can read more about what sea turtles eat at 

Where do sea turtles live?

Sea Turtles live almost all of their lives in the ocean, except for females who come ashore to lay eggs.  They live in all the world’s oceans except the Arctic.  

On-line resources for sea turtles:

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It’s Brave Writer Giveaway Time!

Brave Writer is our beloved language arts program. It’s not only a piece of curricula, it’s a total change in thinking about how your kids are learning, and not just about writing.

brave writer

{This is a sponsored post.}

I was so excited when Julie Bogart, the creator of Brave Writer, offered to do her biggest giveaway yet on Creekside Learning. There are going to be 5 winners of free Brave Writer products. So exciting! [Read more...]

Book Club Craft: Painting Set for Dolls

These painting sets were so easy to make and fun for the girls to set up for their dolls for our weekly Book Club. More on that in a minute. Here’s Rebecca with her paint set.

Make a painting set for dolls. From Creekside Learning.

The girls loved creating paintings for the dolls as well.

Craft Stick and Washi Tape Paint Sets for Dolls from Creekside Learning

Aren’t they cute? And look at these little paint pallets that my friend Krista made to go with the little brushes.  [Read more...]

Colorful Tape Menorah Craft

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Colorful Tape Menorah Craft For Kids

affiliate-links-2These easy, colorful and fun menorah’s are a fun craft for Hanukkah.  They were the idea of my 7-year-old daughter. She wanted to do a simple menorah craft for kids in her book club.

The smaller rolls pictured below are washi tape.  The larger rolls are duct tape and some blue painters tape. You really can use whatever you have on hand for this project. [Read more...]