Top 10 Hands-On Math Games for Outside

Take learning outside this summer with some fun hands-on math games.  These math activities for kids use the pool, sidewalk chalk, bikes, scooters and more to make learning fun. 

Top 10 Hands-On Math Games for Summer from Creekside Learning

Top 10 Hands-On Math Games for Outside 

  1. Keep those times tables fresh with skip-counting hopscotch.
  2. Water balloon math from No Time for Flashcards.  
  3. Number recognition game with sidewalk chalk: Put the fire out.
  4. Measuring in nature from Wildlife Fun 4 Kids.  
  5. Stomp-it! Place Value game. Move it  outside and use sidewalk chalk.
  6. Times table learning with chalk and a fly swatter.
  7. There’s lots of money math in a Lemonade stand.
  8. Make a hula-hoop clock with sticks and sidewalk chalk.
  9. Math in the pool! from Toddler Approved. 
  10. Sidewalk chalk mental math game on a scooter or a bike. 

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Telling Time Activities : Make a Hula Hoop Clock

Here is something I’ve learned as a mom over and over again:  Math is more fun outside! It’s true. If you are looking for telling time activities for kids, grab a hula hoop and some sidewalk chalk and you are ready to go. 

Telling Time Activities

Send the kids in search of sticks and break them to the right lengths for an hour hand and a minute hand. Soaking the chalk in water for a few minutes makes the colors brighter and easier to see. 

Call out times or write them in chalk using digital time and have your kids move the hands of the hula hoop clock to the correct time.  

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Multiplication Practice

When it’s just too nice to be indoors, we take math outside. Here’s one fun way to get some multiplication practice.

We wrote multiplication facts for 8 on our front step. Isn’t this rainbow chalk cool? I got it at Target last season but I hope they have it again this year.

multiplication practice

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5 Awesome On-Line Math Programs for Homeschoolers

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