Easy Science Experiments : Secret Messages

We love easy science experiments and this one falls under the category of Kitchen Science Experiments as well, using ingredients we already had on hand in the kitchen. We painted secret messages and pictures, then revealed them in just a couple of minutes. I’ll explain the science behind the experiment in just a moment. 

kitchen science experiments


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Preschool Science Experiments ~ Valentine Explosions

Looking for easy preschool science experiments with things you already have in your kitchen? We love to put together easy science experiments for kids in the kitchen. Here’s one with a Valentine theme. I love activities like this for younger kids when I’m working with one of my older ones during our homeschool day. 

kitchen science experiments

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Fractions Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Need a super simple way to introduce math concepts through play? Here are some fractions activities for kindergarten and preschool aged kids using LEGOS. 

We used our Quatro blocks to make some fraction towers. For young preschoolers begin with the concept of whole and half.  Work up from there based on each individual child’s readiness. 

fractions activities for kindergarten and preschool

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Handwriting Practice: Candy Cane Salt Tray

Make handwriting practice fun with an easy salt tray.  Inexpensive and fun to put together, even more fun for kids to do handwriting practice (cursive practice, too) this salt has the fragrance of peppermint and is a great sensory experience.   

writing for kids

Ways to Use the Salt Tray

  • Practice learning letters and numbers for younger children.
  • Practice sight words for kids learning to read.
  • Practice spelling words for older kids. 
  • As a sensory experience.
  • Pre-writing skills for toddlers and preschoolers: draw lines, curves, shapes, etc. 

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An Elephant and Piggie Inspired Christmas–and The Pigeon, too

We love Mo Willems books, especially Elephant and Piggie.  They are a super fun series for kids who are learning to read. I think I enjoy them as much as my kids do. Gerald the Elephant and his best friend, Piggie, are simply hilarious. 

Elephant and Piggy

 My daughter and I set out to make some holiday ornaments inspired by the Elephant and Piggie books, but guess who kept showing up? The Pigeon! Ideas for how the Pigeon could be a part of this project just kept popping into my daughter’s head. “How about he pops out of one of the presents?”, she giggled.  Then later, “What if we dressed him up like an angel and put him on top of a tree? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?”  Yes, just like in all the Elephant and Piggie books, the Pigeon always finds a way to be included. He’s spunky like that.  [Read more…]