Chrysanthemum Activities

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What a wonderful way to celebrate being unique and meeting new friends. The book Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes, is full of wonderful opportunities for learning and we had fun making up some wonderful Chrysanthemum activities. 

Chrysanthemum Activities | Creekside Learning

{affiliate link}  Chrysanthemum is a mouse who grows up loving her unique name—until she goes to school. The other mice tease her for having such a long and unusual name.  That is, until they meet their music teacher, who has a fantastic and flowery name of her own.

Make a Flower Garden of Names.  Starting with Chrysanthemum, then adding the names of friends and family members.

Write Chrysanthemum and the names of  family and friends (or classmates if you are doing this for a classroom project) on strips of paper.  Kids can copy one letter onto each petal. Prep a long sheet of butcher paper with grass and stems.  Help children glue the petals onto the stems.

Draw a simple flower petal template and trace it onto a sheet of white paper, then photocopy it onto different colored cardstock. The flower centers are from a  1 inch circle punch (Oh-so-many uses for the one inch circle punch. I’ve actually worn one out and am on my second one.).

Here is a math Chrysanthemum activity.  Take the name strips from the flower activity and use Unifix Cubes to count the number of letters in each name. 

Then order them from most to least.  Of course, Chrysanthemum’s name is the longest.

Next, show children a card with a, e, i, o and u on it and identify the vowels in all of the names, putting a Unifix Cube on each vowel. Point out that the “y” in Chrysanthemum is following the “sometimes y” rule. 

We sounded out the names without their vowels. They all sounded very silly! This is a fun activity, too. Try  calling each other by your vowel-less names for a while.  Giggles ensue. There is a great song on LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory about vowels. 

We pulled out the cards from our Hello Kitty Memory Match Board Game and made up a game with the name cards by matching a Hello Kitty card that had the same beginning sound as each name (Daddy/drum, Bella/bird and so on). You could use any small object for this.

Make a mouse ears headband to go along with Chrysanthemum activities.  We made these during our week of learning with another famous mouse, Angelina Ballerina.  The instructions for making them are in my Angelina post.

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