Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Wash Less Dishes

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Once upon a time, three little kids used a cup at breakfast, another at lunch, a third at dinner and then 47 more throughout the day whenever they needed something to drink.   By noon, their weary mother had an avalanche of dishes. By 5:00 p.m. the family was out of cups and the weary momma had to wash them. You see, she was a rather busy momma, homeschooling her kids, taking them to tromp through creeks, pinning cleaning tips and tricks from Pinterest that she never got around to using and accidentally becoming an assistant scout leader.  She had no time for all these dishes.

So she invented the “My Cup Today” system and has been using it successfully for at least two years. She can’t remember exactly when she made it but, for ages now, people have been coming to her home and remarking about how clever it is. In fact, she just made a lovely set for her friend Janice, who also prefers not to do dishes. She will now share with you, the easy 3-step process, so that you, too, can do less dishes.

How to Wash Less Dishes

  1. Take cardstock and trace a glass for each person in the family and write their name below their circle.
    my cup today tracemy cup today write names
  2. Laminate it.*
    best laminator ever
    *And now, a word from our sponsor. Well, actually, it’s an Amazon affiliate link. This awesome laminator  has gotten a workout in the Creekside house for the last two years and it’s still going strong [link is to the updated version]. Paired with Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, you will be ready to laminate schoolwork, important documents and possibly, one of the children.
    laminator and Scotch laminating sheets
  3. Put it on the kitchen counter and say to your kids, “Children, you may use one glass per day. When you’re not using your glass, it goes on the circle. Rinse your glass after you drink something, unless it is water.” (Or rinse it for them if they’re itty bitty.)
    My Cup Today system to reduce doing dishes

That’s it.

The laminated sheets wash easily, right in the sink, so clean up is simple.
my cup today laminated sheets wash up easily

If you want to be vey fancy, you could make these on your computer and print them out in pretty fonts on fancy paper that matches your kitchen decor.  You show off, you.

My Cup Today system

Follow the Clean the house! board on Pinterest. It’s full of awesome ideas that I totally am gonna use someday. What? I am!

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