Constellation Art With Rocks and Sidewalk Chalk

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Learn about constellations with kids. We have some great astronomy learning resources to share.  For this activity, all you need are some rocks and some sidewalk chalk.

 Constellations With Rocks and Sidewalk Chalk

We like {affiliate link} The Usborne Book of Astronomy and Space as a guide. After reading about constellations and looking at some of the internet links in the book, we headed outside to the driveway with our rocks and chalk.

The Big Dipper


First we used the printed cards from Mrs. Home Ec to inspire our rock constellation art. These are actually lacing cards, which is another great activity to do with them.  Then we used the Usborne Astronomy book to get some more constellation ideas.

This one is Eridanus.

Finally, we decided to get really creative and pretend to be astronomers, discovering new  constellations.

Astronomer Firefly discovered this detailed constellation of a dog.

Astronomer Mommy, inspired, no doubt, by all of the April birthdays in our family, discovered this new constellation, simply titled “Cake”.

To reinforce what we learned, I photographed the rock constellations, then printed them out and made a little book for each  child. I added a few facts about each one, from the Usborne Astronomy book.
 At the end of each book I added a few more hand-drawn constellations and some blank pages for the kids to create even more of their own.

We’ll be sure to notice the night sky over the next few weeks, to see if we can spot some of the constellations we learned about.

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