Easter Egg Phonics for Beginning Readers with Printables

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Do you have an emerging reader who knows all the beginning sounds that words make? Are they ready to focus on the middle and ending sounds of words? Or beginning to read consonant-vowel-consonant words?

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I made this egg game with simple clip art photos (courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art) and letters tucked inside the eggs, then hid them all over the house and gave her an Easter basket to go and find them.  When she returned with a full basket, we put them on the tray and got to work, putting the letters in the correct order and sounding out each one to make a word.

You can download my printables for this activity hereThey can be printed on cardstock for more durability.  They could also be laminated.

Modifications for kids of all ages:

Toddlers: Fill the eggs with  small  animals they are learning the names of (like from Toobs), foam or paper circles/squares/triangles to learn shapes, pieces of colored paper to learn colors, magnetic letters and numbers, etc.  Hiding and finding the eggs also helped my little guy understand what an Easter egg hunt is all about, so he is ready for the Easter Bunny.

Early elementary students: Put the letters of their spelling words in each egg.  Also can be used for words they need more practice with reading. Who doesn’t love an egg hunt?  My first grader loved putting together his challenging reading words for the week.