Easy Science Experiments for Summer

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Who’s ready for some easy science experiments for summer? Summer is a great time to gather a few supplies and set up some cool science experiments for kids.  We love seasonal science and summer gives us so many options: outside, inside, in water, in the garden and so much more. 

cool science experiments for kids

{this post contains affiliate links}

Experiments About Insects and Critters

Raise caterpillars who turn into butterflies.
How to raise butterflies to lay eggs and raise caterpillars and butterflies again and again.
Learn all about ants with this fun unit study.
The Ladybug Science Experiment from The Educators’ Spin On It. 
Bee unit study from Premeditated Leftovers.

Experiments at the Beach

Explore tide pools with Mama’s Little Muse. 
7 Beach Science Experiments from Left Brain Craft Brain.
Search for habitats at the beach and learn about tides from KCEdventures.
The science of salt water and waves from Gift of Curiosity.
Make ocean zones in a jar with this cool experiment from I Can Teach My Child.
Grow crystals on sea shells with this beautiful experiment from Little Bins for Little Hands. 
Sea turtles unit study from us, Creekside Learning. 

Plants and gardens

Here are 10 things you can grow in a container on your patio or deck. It’s not too late to start.
Molecules: Gardening with hydrogel crystals from Steve Spangler Science. 
Color changing rose experiment from Homegrown Friends.

Great Outdoor Experiments for Daytime

Make solar oven s’mores from What Do We Do All Day? 
Make daytime constellations with two easy ingredients.
Build a pop rocket with an m-and-m’s canister  and see how high it flies. 
Build hydrofoils and see how much they can hold before sinking.
Balloon rocket race from What Do We Do All Day? 
Classic Mentos and Diet Coke Geyser experiment from Steve Spangler Science.
How to make a compass and learn map science from What Do We Do All Day?
How to build a simple catapult from Housing a Forest. 

Great Outdoor Experiments for Nighttime

Go on a nighttime scavenger hunt. Will you see any nocturnal animals? From KC Edventures.
Learn about the phases of the moon. Summertime is a great time to be outside at night.
Set up an Animal Tracking Station in your yard and see who visits while you sleep.
Science experiments with glow sticks from Homeschool Activities. 
Build a simple telescope and look at the moon.

When the Weather is Just Too Hot to Handle (Indoor Experiments)

How strong is a piece of paper? Easiest engineering experiment ever. 
What’s inside a drop of blood? No actual blood involved. 
Make elephant toothpaste. This is so cool, from Steve Spangler Science. 
Make secret messages with two ingredients and a low-temperature oven. 
Make lava in a cup. Easy peasy kitchen experiment.
Classic volcano experiment. Easy and fun. 
Make ice cream in a bag and learn the science behind it from I Can Teach My Child.
Dancing raisins from Coffee Cups and Crayons. 
8 Cool You Tube Science Channels for Kids from What Do We Do All Day?

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cool science experiments for kids