5 Awesome Solar System Educational Apps

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These 5 STEM educational apps make studying space awesome for elementary and middle school kids. Our family has tried a lot of different apps (my oldest child loves anything that combines technology with the subject he’s learning about) and we’ll tell you what keeps us coming back to these five. 

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I am thrilled to be partnering with StoneOak Media, makers of the Rockwell Adventures Solar System Expedition workbook, which we enjoyed so much, it’s at the top of our list. Thank you to StoneOak for sponsoring this post. All opinions are ours. Read my full disclosure policy for sponsored posts. 

5 Awesome STEM Educational Apps for Learning About the Solar System

These apps are great for elementary and middle school students.

  1. The Rockwell Adventures Solar System Expedition with the Zappar app ($9.95 download per year for workbook, app is free) uses augmented reality technology to literally launch a space rocket right out of the workbook. Students explore each planet, record information and then create and build a base. Watch the short video of my kids discovering and learning with this awesome program.

We love the interactive nature of this augmented reality app that goes well beyond textbook  learning. It is a workbook but in a most non-traditional and refreshing sense and my kids were fully engaged in a unique STEM learning experience. They continued to use the app and workbook to design new bases on various planets. I love that this encouraged them to think like engineers, to analyze and design a solution based on the data they gathered. 

Elementary version available in print and download from StoneOak Media and in print from  Amazon. Middle school versions with optional lesson expansion packs available only from StoneOak Media. Available in metric and US customary measurements. Content is for 2015-2016 academic year and can be renewed each year for $10. You must have the workbook in order for the app to work. 

10% off this product when ordered at StoneOak Media, use code: creeksidelearning15t16 good now through 8/1/2016.

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2.  NASA App Watch 10,000 on-demand videos, read the latest news and feature stories about space, keep track of NASA’s latest mission and watch live NASA tv, launch info. It’s hard to choose a favorite thing about this app but one thing we love is the “What’s Up” monthly feature, a short video that shows you what will be visible in the night sky so you know what to look for. 

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3.  The Star Walk app  allows you to scan the night sky with your phone or tablet and learn about the stars, constellations, planets and satellites that are visible. The paid version ($2.99) provides a lot of data about constellations and visible planets and is worth the price for that reason. We love the reminder features that you can set, to alert you when the International Space Station is flying over your house, for example. 

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4.  Solar Walk 2 app, from the same developer as Star Walk, this app allows you to tour the entire solar system, compared to Star Walk’s tour of the night sky. Again, this developer includes a lot of statistics and information with their apps, which I find really helpful as my kids get older and want to learn more about science and STEM topics. This app is $2.99. 

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5. Deluxe Moon Pro app ($2.99) provides a plethora of information about lunar phases, eclipses, moonrise, moonset and more.  More data is included with this app than in other free moon apps and that is just what is needed to take learning to the next level for my elementary and middle school aged kids. 

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Do you have favorite educational apps that you recommend? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. 

For more information about StoneOak Media products, follow them on Facebook. Check out their video for more information on The Rockwell Adventures.


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