Fall Science Experiments

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Need some quick and fun Fall science experiments for your first through fifth grader? We’ve got you covered! We love seasonal science activities that add fun learning to our week. Grab any one of these experiments to add to your homeschool or after school day. Need one for Spring, Winter or Summer? We’ve got those, too. Visit our Science Page. Now on to the experiments!

What causes the seasons to change?

Experiment with the Earth tilting on it’s axis to find out, from Education.com.

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[This post contains affiliate links.]

Leaf Science Experiments

Predict what color green leaves will turn in the fall and learn about why leaves change color from How Wee Learn. 

Art meets science in this experiment that looks at the parts of a leaf from KC Edventures. 

Beautiful fall leaf identification charts can be found at Norbeck Kids. Or you can print these gorgeous leaf identification cards from Wildflower Ramblings. 

Go on a Nature Walk with the Fandex Family Field Guide to Trees and see how many leaves and trees you can identify. 

Preserve leaves in glycerin from Tinker Lab. 

Apple Science Experiments

Try this apple rotting experiment from Gift of Curiosity. 

Apple science investigation with downloads from Finding the Teachable Moments.

Apple taste test math and science experiment from Feels Like Home. 

The Science of Animals in Autumn

Planet Science explains why migrating birds don’t get lost and how they know when to migrate. Another great resource about this topic is the My Side of the Mountain trilogy of books by Jean Craighead George. The stories are partly told from a peregrine falcon’s point of view and migration is explored in depth. 

Set up an animal tracking station in your yard at different times of the year to learn about which animals are present in your neighborhood. 

How do squirrels help the forest by hoarding nuts? from Science Update. 

If you’ve ever wanted to dissect an owl pellet, here’s a great post to read first from Kid World Citizen. Owl pellet dissection can be done in any season, of course, but as the trees lose their leaves in autumn, owls in the wild are easier to spot.

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Pumpkin Science Experiments

Learn about the lifecycle of a pumpkin with these downloads from Itsy Bitsy Fun. 

Pumpkin Unit Study with a Pumpkin Science Investigation Notebook from Finding Teachable Moments. 

How to make a Pumpkin Chunkin’ Catapult from ehow.  

Halloween Science Experiments

From ghosts to bats to spooky ingredients like dry ice, blood and brains, it’s all covered here in our Halloween Science post. This is one of the most popular posts on Creekside Learning!

Halloween Science Experiments for Kids

Thanksgiving Dinner Science Experiments

The science of gravy, a non-Newtonian liquid from Steve Spangler Science. 

Cranberry chemistry and the bendy turkey bones experiment from ABC’s to ACT’s. 

Sweet potato investigation, the corn cob lab and more from We Are Teachers.


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