Fancy Handwriting Tip: Make a Feather Pen Like Fancy Nancy

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Fancy Nancy Feather Pen
My daughter loves all things Fancy Nancy. And I love this series that has encouraged her to expand her vocabulary (Nancy likes to use fancy words).

Nancy also loves to write with a fancy pen, one that has a feather on top, or as she says, “a plume”. Writing with fancy pens makes handwriting more fun, so we made a  batch of pens for The Bee, including some to share with friends.

These are so easy and simple to make. All you need are some plain pens, some feathers and washi tape (found in a craft or hobby store).

fancy pen supplies

Wind the tape around the pen.
Washi Tape Pens

Add a feather at the top as you are taping. Use a bit more tape to cover the pen cap.
washi tape fancy pens

Ta-da! You have super fancy pens.
fancy pens like fancy nancy

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