Fire Safety Week Activities

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learning about fire safety

October is National Fire Safety Month, with the second week in October designated as Fire Prevention Week.  Here are some great ways to introduce fire safety information to preschoolers and refresh that info for elementary-aged kids.  {This post contains affiliate links.}

Fire Safety Pretend Play

Use a doll house to set up a pretend play scene with a few items from the dollar store to simulate fire. This helped my younger kids reinforce learning that we introduced throughout our fire safety week activities.
Fire Safety Pretend PlayWe used these shiny red balloon weights and a bag of shredded red foil packaging.
Pretend Play Fire Safety Plan

The awesome fire fighter figure is Bob the Firefighter from our friends at Safari, LTD.
Firefighter Bob from Safari LTD

Teaching Kids to Stop-Drop-and-Roll and How to Call 9-1-1

Do your kids know how to call 9-1-1 on your cell phone? Only my 9-year-old was certain how to do that so I showed my younger two exactly what buttons they would need to push. We also discussed different scenarios of what is an emergency and what is a concern but not an emergency:  fire, crime in progress and serious illness or injury = emergencies. Not being able to find your bike and thinking it might be stolen = not emergency.

We watched a YouTube video to learn Stop-Drop-and-Roll. We liked this video because it featured a dalmatian.

Visit a Fire Station

Call your local fire station and ask for a tour. You don’t have to be a big group to take a tour.  Our local firefighters showed us all the firetrucks and ambulances and did a demonstration of how fast they must get into their gear. They talked about what to do if you wake up and see a firefighter in full gear, including mask. They reinforced Stop-Drop-and-Roll and calling 9-1-1 as well.
Fire Fighter in full gear for Fire Safety Week demonstration

Make a Fire Safety Plan (Minecraft Edition)

For my Minecraft obsessed 9-year-old…
He was assigned to build a floor model of our house in Minecraft, showing all the exit points that could be used in case of a fire. He took it one step further and used his interactive model of the house to quiz his younger brother and sister on where to escape.

Using Minecraft to make a Fire Safety Plan for your home

This is one of the bedrooms in our house, represented in Minecraft.

Our kitchen in Minecraft. Oh, look, even our dog is represented.

Our kitchen in Minecraft. Oh, look, even our dog is represented.

After talking about fire safety and coming up with our own escape plan, we practiced this several times. We found the nearest exits, helped alert each other to the fire, and designated a safe meeting spot outside. I wanted my kids to get really smooth at this but they lost interest after two tries so I announced I would do everything wrong and they could tell me afterwards all the mistakes I made.

They thought this was great fun! I pretended to shove family members out of my way instead of helping them get out of the house, ran back in to grab some belongings, then went to the wrong meeting spot in an unsafe location, right next to the part of the house we were pretending was on fire.

Other Great Resources that We Used and Loved

For my 4-year-old, we incorporated our fire safety theme into recognizing and writing numbers with our Put Out The Fire! game.

putting out the fire of numbers