Fractions Activities with Oreo Cookies

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There are so many fun ways to introduce fractions activities. Think of all the possibilities. There’s food that can be divided, like pie, pizza, loaves of bread, granola bars, etc.. There’s play dough and clay and even LEGOs.  Really endless, those possibilities.  Here’s a fun way to introduce the concept of fractions to kindergarten and preschool aged kids. 

fractions activities

For young preschoolers, we start with identifying whole and half then work up from there as each child shows readiness. 

Fractions Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Oreo Fractions

Use regular Oreo cookies and cut away the portion of the icing to demonstrate half, quarter, three quarters, thirds, etc. You can have kids divide the portions or you can do it ahead of time and make a matching game out of it with the same cookie fractions drawn onto paper.

 fractions activities for kindergarten

In addition to learning the names of fractions (half,  quarter, third etc.), we work on identifying how these are represented numerically:  1/2, 1/4, 1/3.  Once those concepts are understood, we move on to explaining the bottom number represents the whole and the top number represents the part. 

 More Fraction  Ideas

Use a dull pizza cutter to divide play dough into fractions.

 fractions for preschool

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