Fractions Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

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Need a super simple way to introduce math concepts through play? Here are some fractions activities for kindergarten and preschool aged kids using LEGOS. 

We used our Quatro blocks to make some fraction towers. For young preschoolers begin with the concept of whole and half.  Work up from there based on each individual child’s readiness. 

fractions activities for kindergarten and preschool

Next come the concepts of thirds, quarters and eighths. 

fractions activities for kindergarten

Ask questions:  How much of the first tower is blue?  How much is orange? 

In the second tower there are four colors. How much of the tower is yellow? How much is green? 

Play:  Can you make a tower with all the colors? How many pieces of a whole tower do you have? What portion of that is red? Green? And so on.  

Our favorite game was Knock Over the Tower.  I’d call out, “One half,” and he’d smash the correct tower.  

What other games could you play with LEGO fraction towers?

LEGO Fractions Activities


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