Hands-On Math: Multiplication High Fives

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hands on multiplication tables

Guess what is more fun than memorizing a chart full of multiplication tables? Running up the stairs and high-fiving them into our brains, using whole-body learning to reinforce math facts. 

These foam cut-outs from Creatology brand  (purchased at Michael’s Craft Store) made this project much easier, but we’ve done this by tracing and cutting out handprints on colorful paper as well. This is a really fun way to learn lots of things. For a long time, we had 3 hand cut-outs by our back door. Every time the kids went out the door, they high-fived our phone number: area code, prefix, last 4 numbers.

High-five your way through multiplication.

For this project, I used a sharpie to write multiples of 3, up to 3 x 10 = 30.  We affixed them to the wall with painter’s tape all the way up the stairs.  My kids are all high-fiving their way up.

Younger kids can learn skip-counting and kids that are learning multiplication will find this a fun way to memorize tables. We started with 3’s because we realized we already knew 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  It really doesn’t seem like such a big job to learn  multiplication tables when you look at it that way.

Whole Body Learning:  Multiplication Tables.  High Five Up the Stairs.

Tip:  re-use your high-fiving hands by flipping them over and using the back side.  That will save time if you are cutting them out by hand and money if you are buying the foam pre-cut shapes.

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