Math on the Windows

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I have kids who like to move.  This is why we love doing math on the windows. It’s such a simple idea, but it’s made such a difference for us.

Math on the Window

{This post contains affiliate links.}

You can use dry-erase markers, wet-erase markers or window crayons.  Window crayons
are our favorite as they are bolder and you can really see what you’re doing.  They remove with some window cleaner, like Windex, and paper towels. Dry-erase are the easiest to clean off. Whatever you decide to use, they all come in washable options, just in case a stray mark or an exuberant artist continues onto a painted wall or windowsill.

I take several problems out of the workbook we are using (we rarely use it like a workbook, more as a guideline) and write them on the windows.

math on the window

The benefits to doing math this way, aside from being able to move, include strengthening hand and wrist muscles. This is important for kids with fine motor skill issues.  And, for us, it has really helped with a child who doesn’t like to write.  Somehow,  changing things up with window crayons  and a new writing surface made things more fun than a workbook page or a pencil and paper.

math on  the window


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math on the windows