Handwriting Activities for Kids Who Hate Handwriting : 35 Ideas
Handwriting Practice: Candy Cane Salt Tray
Learning to Write Letters and Numbers With Glow Sticks
Practicing Writing Strokes for Preschoolers
7 Ways to an Easy and Fun Poetry Tea Time
Writing With Spaghetti!
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Handwriting battles? Here are peaceful, practical solutions to make handwriting fun and frustration-free, for kids ages 3 to 12. Click on the photo below for more information and how to order the book.

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Handwriting and Cursive

 35 Handwriting Activities for Kids Who Hate Handwriting
25 More Fun Handwriting Practice Ideas –NO WORKSHEETS 
When Your Child Hates Handwriting: Peaceful, Practical Solutions for Parents
5 Tips for Handwriting Practice With Perfectionist Kids
Handwriting Practice: Gingerbread Salt Tray
Handwriting Practice: Peppermint Salt Tray 
Make a Fancy Pen Like Fancy Nancy 
Practicing Handwriting Strokes For Preschoolers  
Writing With Spaghetti 

Creative Writing, Spelling and Grammar

Describing with adjectives
How We Use the Brave Writer Creative Writing Program
How We Use Sequential Spelling

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fun handwriting practice 25 MORE Fun Handwriting Practice Ideas – No Worksheets - Ditch the worksheets for some fun handwriting practice. For kids who really, really dislike handwriting practice (perhaps who may have handwriting challenges), I shared 35 ideas in my original non-worksheet handwriting post. This post became so popular that I wrote a book called When Your Child Hates Handwriting: Peaceful Practical Solutions for Parents. It’s available in print and as an ebook. Here are 25 more ways to make handwriting practice go smoothly. 
cursive worksheets Handwriting Practice for Perfectionist Kids {5 Tips} - You’ve seen it before. Your child or your student is progressing beautifully with handwriting practice but he or she is child is frustrated and upset. Her letters don’t meet her standards. He erases until there is a hole in the paper. She throws her pencil to the floor. He is never happy with how he is writing.  I’ve seen this with my own kids and talked to many parents who are at a loss with how to proceed with teaching their child to write when perfectionism gets in the way.  {This post contains affiliate links.} My book, When Your Child Hates Handwriting: Peaceful, Practical Solutions for Parents,  addresses this and many other handwriting issues. You can read more about it here. 
writing for kids Handwriting Practice: Gingerbread Salt Tray - Handwriting practice in the salt tray has been working for our family. My kindergartener practices writing letters and numbers and and we’ve just introduced a few sight words.  My 10-year-old does cursive writing practice and writes his spelling words in the salt tray. The delicious smelling gingerbread spices and the texture of the salt make this a great sensory writing experience. We have both our candy cane salt tray and our gingerbread one out on the table this week.   Use the salt tray for… practicing handwriting or cursive writing skills pre-writing strokes for toddlers and young preschoolers spelling words for older kids sight words for new readers a sensory play tray with scoops or little cars or animal toys
writing for kids Handwriting Practice: Candy Cane Salt Tray - Make handwriting practice fun with an easy salt tray.  Inexpensive and fun to put together, even more fun for kids to do handwriting practice (cursive practice, too) this salt has the fragrance of peppermint and is a great sensory experience.    Ways to Use the Salt Tray Practice learning letters and numbers for younger children. Practice sight words for kids learning to read. Practice spelling words for older kids.  As a sensory experience. Pre-writing skills for toddlers and preschoolers: draw lines, curves, shapes, etc. 
handwriting practice for kids Handwriting Activities for Kids Who Hate Handwriting : 35 Ideas - Do you have a child who loves handwriting? That’s wonderful!  I have three who aren’t so crazy about it so I spend a lot of time thinking about new handwriting activities for kids who hate handwriting. We rarely use worksheets, mainly because my kids react to them as if they are covered in germs.  Last week, a friend asked for “practical, real world applications”–not worksheets– for her 7-year-old daughter “who hates handwriting practice (but needs it).”  She posted her query on the Creekside Learning Facebook page and she got some really awesome responses.  Here they are, along with more things I’ve done with my own children, and links from some awesome bloggers who have also written about the topic.  UPDATE: This post has inspired a book! I began to research handwriting challenges even further, to talk to many other parents whose children hate handwriting and to gather all the ways we’ve successfully met these challenges in our house. The result is When Your Child Hates Handwriting: Peaceful, Practical Solutions for Parents. The book has more activity ideas, more ways to approach handwriting practice and what how to help your child when you suspect a deeper problem exists.  Click on the photo below for more information and to order. Available in print, ebook and kindle versions.  And now, onto the ideas.
How We Use Brave Writer How We Use the Brave Writer Program + Win a Brave Writer Poetry Guide - April is National Poetry Month and our favorite folks over at Brave Writer are sponsoring a giveaway of Poetry Guides to three lucky Creekside Learning readers. But first, let me tell you about how our family uses the Brave Writer program. The Brave Writer program was designed by Julie Bogart, a homeschooling mom of five, to help parents be a coach to their children’s writing voice. Our family has been using Brave Writer for two years and it has worked really well for us.  I love that this program grows with your kids. We started out in the Jot It Down phase, where my kids would dictate their writing, in their voice, to me. This year, my oldest is delving in to the Partnership Writing phase. In the fall, he hopes to try out his first on-line class (Brave Writer offers many).   Most significant of all has been the difference I’ve seen in my kids when I ask them to write.  The Writer’s Jungle, which is the cornerstone of all the Brave Writer programs, has helped us leap to the Brave Writer lifestyle. We went from


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