Civil War Unit Study
Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids
Famous MLK Quotes ~ Celebrating Dr. King
Early Native American History Unit with American Girl Kaya
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History can be boring. All those dates and names of long-dead people are not exactly exciting to young children. But ancient Egyptian pyramids made out of LEGOs, characters from historical fiction books that kids can related to, fabulous field trips and more can lay the foundation for making history fascinating for your child. 

world ancient history

When I was a child in public school, history was my least favorite subject. In fact, I dreaded teaching it to my homeschooled kids because I thought we’d all be bored. But guess what? Now I love it! I’m learning all over again right beside them. And they love it, too.  We’ve used a small handful of very engaging text books, a ton of historical fiction books and we do lots of projects and activities.

Here are the projects we’e done and the resources we’ve used. I hope they’ll inspire you to make history come alive at your house.

Ancient History

[Note: To see our page dedicated to all the projects we did, chapter by chapter, for Story of the World, Volume 1. go here.]

Early American History

Civil War

History With American Girl Dolls

Modern History


 More history posts are coming! Check back and see what we are learning about next. 

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world ancient history


Voting Booth for Kids for the 2016 Presidential Election - Ready or not, the  2016 Presidential Election is almost here. If you’ve been following along with your children or students, learning about the candidates and the process of electing a new United States president, having a kids voting booth is a great way to extend that learning. This activity also incorporates math skills by tallying votes, collecting statistics of voters and averaging those stats to figure out the demographics of your polling place. The ballots, tally sheets, “I Voted” stickers and poll worker badges are free to download in a pdf file below. 
voting booth for kids Elections for Kids: How to Make a Kids Voting Booth - Want to set up presidential primary elections for kids? Here’s how to set up a kids voting booth with a downloadable packet with everything you need for the 2016 U.S. primary elections (it’s free).  This activity is for elementary and middle school students. Hold a voting day on or around the same day as your state’s primary election. 
Martin Luther King Jr. quotes Famous MLK Quotes ~ Celebrating Dr. King - To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day, here are some famous MLK quotes.  These are free printable quotes that can be used to launch a discussion with your kids or students.  I’ve also put together a list of great books for kids and some wonderful field trips (some virtual and some in person) to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.   Download and print the quote above by clicking here.
Ancient Egypt Activities for kids : LEGO pyramid Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids - Ancient Egypt is such a fun historical period to learn about with kids.  Mummies and pyramids and pharaohs are fascinating. Here are some great ancient Egypt activities for kids. We used them in conjunction with Story of the World Ancient Times but they really go well with any ancient studies curriculum.     Make your own Nile River in a foil pan. Plant “reeds” and watch them grow by flooding your Nile River. 
Little House on the Prairie Christmas Little House on the Prairie Books : My First Little House Series - I adored Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was a child and was thrilled when one of the Creekside Learning Facebook followers told me about the My First Little House series.  This series is wonderful for younger kids, who are not quite ready for the chapter books. And, Little House on the Prairie Christmas is a great theme for literature and activities in December.  {This post contains affiliate links.} The My First Little House stories are based on the original Little House on the Prairie books.  The timing is a bit different in the First series. For example, most of the books include baby Carrie, Laura’s youngest sister in all the stories. In the original books, Carrie doesn’t appear until later, being much younger than her older sisters, Mary and Laura. But an introductory books to younger kids, that will only be noticed by the adults reading to them. This series is pure joy. Christmas is a great time to discover these books because there are several Christmas themed books in the series. One of our favorites is Christmas in the Big Woods.  The book describes the very simple way that the Ingalls family celebrated Christmas, with a few simple gifts and some special foods.   Little House Pancakes Caroline Ingalls makes pancakes shaped like little men for the children to enjoy on Christmas.  This inspired us to make lots of different shaped pancakes.   We took metal cookie cutters and filled them with pancake batter. You’ll want to grease the cookie cutters first with a little butter or some spray oil to prevent the batter from sticking. We flipped the pancakes over to the other side to cook, still inside the cookie cutters. Once both sides were done, the cookie cutters slipped right off and we had pretty shaped pancakes.         Little House Maple Syrup Snow Candy In Laura’s chapter book, Little House in the Big Woods, the family helps Laura’s grandmother make Maple Sugar Snow Candy. This scene is also recreated in the book Christmas in the Big Woods in the My First Little House series.  For instructions on how to make maple syrup candy, click on the photo below. This post is part of Rainy Day Mum’s Story Book Advent.   Click through to find more wonderful pairings of children’s holiday literature with go-along activities. More will be added throughout the season.  Want more joyful learning ideas in your in-box, just twice a month? Subscribe to the Creekside Learning newsletter below.  
Resources for a Civil War Unit Study for elementary aged kids. Civil War Unit Study - Want to take a hands-on approach to history with your kids?  Learning about the Civil War for kids can be very hands-on.  A few supplies, a couple of field trips and lots of conversation have given my kids a great understanding of what this important time period in American history is all about.  Resources for Older Elementary Aged Kids 


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