Homeschooling is a “Road Less Traveled”

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Homeschooling is a “road less traveled.” It’s that simple. Everyone has something about their life that is just a bit different than everybody else, just a little outside of the main stream.

Think about it. You choose a career path that was different or  didn’t go to college right after high school. You married someone that others thought was not going to be a good match for you. You have identical triplets. You chose not to have kids at all. You’re vegan in a family of meat eaters. 

Whatever it is, think of this thing that you chose, or experienced, that was a bit different than most of your friends and family. 

How did others react? 

Did they ask a lot of questions?

Were they critical?



What did they say to you at first?  And, later?

I’ve chosen something in life that is a different path, too.

I chose a different academic option for my kids.

I chose to homeschool.

Homeschooling is a road less traveled. 

At first, people close to me questioned my sanity. 

I still get a lot of questions and funny looks or blank stares from people I meet when they find out we homeschool. 

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Like this: “How will your children learn to stand in line?” (This was asked by a lady in front of us while we were at the check-out line of a grocery store.)

“Do you just read the Bible all day?”  Um, what? 

“Are you crazy? How can you stand being with your kids all day?” Some days it’s hard. Most days it’s enjoyable. Except when they’re fighting a lot. 

But think of it like this.  Homeschooling is just a different choice. Some parents choose private school over public, some move to a specific neighborhood because the public schools are good there. We chose homeschooling. 

We chose it because it fits for OUR kids. 

We didn’t choose it because we think it is the superior option.

We’re not homeschooling “at you”. (credit Jeanne Faulconer  at The Homeschool Mom blog for this gem)

We’re just doing what works for us.

We’ve taken a road less traveled. 

Maybe you’ve taken a road like this, too.