How to Teach Kids to Memorize Their Address and Phone Number

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Here’s an easy way for kids to memorize their phone number and address (actually this technique works with anything you need them to memorize, from preschoolers up to teenagers). And they can do it while they are on the go.  We are creating a muscle memory by using hands-on learning and I have a free download for you that makes this activity super easy.

how to teach kids to memorize their phone number

{This post contains affiliate links.}

When your child goes through a door–it can be the door to go outside, their bedroom door, whatever works in your house–they can high-five information into memory. This takes only seconds. Of course, if kids are in a hurry,  skip it. The information will be there, on the door, for next time.  

This Whole Body Learning technique is very effective. Have you seen the way we use it to memorize multiplication tables? 

Watch the video below to see how to use High Fives to teach your child their phone number and address. 

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How to Teach Kids to Memorize Their Address and Phone Number

  1. Download and print the High Fives Address and Phone Number templates (below).
  2. Fill them out for your child to trace or have your child write the information on the hand prints.
  3. Tape to a door. We used this tape to protect our paint. (awesome price on Amazon, by the way). 
  4. Have your child practice frequently on their way out the door.


Money saving tip: I hate spending so much money on color printer ink cartridges so I print most things in black and white onto colored paper. A package of colored paper is a fraction of the cost of color ink cartridges. This is the paper I used.

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Download the pdf file of the game here: phone number and address high fives

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how to teach kids to memorize their phone number  teaching kids to memorize their address