How to Teach Place Value in Math

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The Whack It! Place Value Math Game is a great addition to how to teach place value in math. 

Place value is one of those math activities that is just so easy and fun to do outside of a workbook. We’ve often used whole body learning to learn place value with our feet and now we found another way with this table top game. 

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All you need is a flyswatter (we got ours from the dollar store), some painter’s tape, paper and markers.

Watch the video of how we play the Whack It! Place Value Game.

Set up the grid with tape on a table. Write the place value with a Sharpie on the tape. Set your grid up to the place value your child already knows and keep adding places. For example, with my 6-year-old, he knew up to the thousands so we started with that, then began to add ten-thousands, then hundred-thousands and so on. 

Cut paper to fit your grid and write numbers on them.

How to Play:

Version 1:  Place numbers on the grid and ask  your child to whack each number and call out the entire number:  “Five thousand, three hundred and forty two.”

Version 2:  Place numbers on the grid and ask your child to whack the number in the hundreds place and say it out loud.

My kids also like to place numbers on the board for me and have me whack and say the numbers. I often mess up and they often catch and correct me. Then I know they’re getting the concept.

Here’s how we play the same game with our feet:

stomp it! place value math game


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