How We Use the Brave Writer Program + Win a Brave Writer Poetry Guide

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April is National Poetry Month and our favorite folks over at Brave Writer are sponsoring a giveaway of Poetry Guides to three lucky Creekside Learning readers. But first, let me tell you about how our family uses the Brave Writer program.

How We Use the Brave Writer Program

The Brave Writer program was designed by Julie Bogart, a homeschooling mom of five, to help parents be a coach to their children’s writing voice. Our family has been using Brave Writer for two years and it has worked really well for us.  I love that this program grows with your kids. We started out in the Jot It Down phase, where my kids would dictate their writing, in their voice, to me. This year, my oldest is delving in to the Partnership Writing phase. In the fall, he hopes to try out his first on-line class (Brave Writer offers many).  

Most significant of all has been the difference I’ve seen in my kids when I ask them to write.  The Writer’s Jungle, which is the cornerstone of all the Brave Writer programs, has helped us leap to the Brave Writer lifestyle.

We went from a mom who picked at her kids’ grammar mistakes and kids who whined, resisted and oozed out of their chairs at the thought of writing to…

  • a mom who sits down with her kids to journal,
  • who grabs a pencil and paper when they are describing an amazing dream they had or the details of a video game they played, to write it out and read it back to them
  • kids who tell and write stories with great enthusiasm. There is no struggle. They are finding their creative writing voices. They are confident in their ability to tell a good story. They are learning and growing.

Brave Writer has given us that. 

Can I share a very proud moment with you?

My daughter, who just turned 8, illustrates several books a week and dictates the text to me. She has recurring characters, a plot for every story and an amazing imagination. Her stories have become more complex and detailed in the past year.  This is, in part,  what Brave Writer looks like for her. She is in the Jot It Down stage, beginning to move to the Partnership Writing stage as she writes more of her stories herself. 

She’s been asking me if she could put some of her books in our local library so other kids could check them out and read them. I thought this was a great idea, but doubted the library would allow it. It slipped to the back of my mind each of the next several times she brought it up to me.  

Finally, I asked one of the librarians, Would you consider devoting space to books written by kids in our community?  They could be just to look at, not to check out (I figured that would make it a more palatable idea)…What if it was just for a specific period of time?  A week or two? 

The librarian wasn’t sure but said she would bring it up at a staff meeting that afternoon.  Last night I got an email from that librarian. Her supervisor loved the idea! They are going to allot space for kids to display the books they’ve written during Childrens Book Week in May! 

My daughter is so excited and I am bursting with pride. She is a confident writer who is proud of her work. She doesn’t want to be an author when she grows up, she is an author. This is how she sees herself. Had I kept picking at her grammar and trying to get in the way of her creative ideas instead of coaching her along her own chosen writing path, I don’t think this would be so. Brave Writer helped me to support her writing, not dictate assignments.

3 Ways to Try Brave Writer for Free

Let me give you some information on how you can try some of the Brave Writer materials for free.   

  1. You can download their Freewriting Lessons, a free ebook by Julie Bogart called Freewriting Frenzy: Help Your Kids Fall in Love With Writing! 
  2. You can read about how we do Tea Time Poetry Tuesdays, one of the most popular features of the Brave Writer lifestyle.
  3. And, you can enter to win a Poetry Guide below. The poetry guides are targeted towards children ages 7 to 12. 

Have you followed Brave Writer’s facebook page? Julie Bogart truly is dispensing words of wisdom there. She is the homeschooling mom who has gone before you and is reaching a hand back to encourage you when you are ready to jog down to the nearest public school and sign your kids up because you’ve had a week that is just so hard. 

Enter to Win a Brave Writer Poetry Guide

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  • If you win, reply to the notification email within 24 hours. Otherwise, I will unfortunately have to move on to the next winner.
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