25 Days of Character for Families

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A simple tradition. A valuable connection.

Gratitude.  Patience.  Courage.  

These traits, and many more, are the focus of our Character Advent.  I wrote that post two years ago and this year, I had an idea. I wanted an easy way to incorporate this into our days in December and I wondered if other families might want to join me, to share together how we can encourage character in our children and ourselves.

So here’s the plan:  Each day, on the Creekside Learning facebook page, I’ll post one of the character traits, starting December 1st and going through the 25th.

The facebook posts will be a reminder to you for the day, to share with your families.

Share it any way you like:
*discuss it over dinner
*add it to a list on the fridge
*include it in another Advent calendar tradition
*write it on a window with dry-erase markers in festive colors
*any way you like

25 days of Character:  A Trait a Day on Facebook from Creekside Learning

When you talk about it…
***Define the trait.
***Together,  come up with an example (or 2 or 3 or as many as you like) of someone you know that embodies this trait. Maybe it’s a historical figure you’ve been learning about, a character in a book or video game (one year we used Harry Potter characters for most of our examples. Whatever makes it relevant to your child, do that.), a person in your extended family, a way your child showed that trait recently. Maybe your child showed perseverance by learning to ride a bike, even when he fell off over and over again.  Maybe you admire a world leader, who shows the quality of leadership.

If you want the daily Facebook reminders, here’s what to do:

  1. Like Creekside Learning on Facebook.
  2. While there, hover over the “liked” box  and click “show in news feed”. This will ensure that all the Creekside Learning posts are shown in your daily feed.
  3. Each morning at 7 a.m. EST I’ll post that day’s character trait and perhaps, a quote or an example.

I’d love it if you’d share in the comments on facebook: “We talked about how Martin Luther King, Jr. demonstrated peacemaking.” or “We remembered our Great-Grandpa who was so very brave when he left his country to make a better life in America.” Share once or daily or as many times as you like.  You can share photos, too.

Don’t get to it each day? No worries. This is designed to be a peaceful and easy addition to your day, not another taxing way we all do too much during the holiday season. Do it on the days it fits in, let it go on others.

I so look forward to hearing how this goes in your families, the things you come up with, the insights your children have.

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25 Days of Character A Simple Tradition. A Valuable Connection.

If you’d like to do the Character Advent on your own, rather than follow along on Facebook, you can find a list of character traits in my original post.