Counting to 100 Scavenger Hunt with Free Printables

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One of our kindergarten math activities this year is counting to 100 and doing it in a way that is fun and gets our bodies moving. Whole-body learning activities are always a hit for my active kids, so I made these Valentine numbers. They are also great for incorporating into 100 Days of School activities. 

Kindergarten math activities. Counting to 100.


Setting Up the “Count to 100” Scavenger Hunt

I hid these in groups of 24 (since there’s 12 per page) over the course of several days. That helped my kindergartener with sorting them once they were found. He could sort a group of 12 in the color blue, then the second set of 12 in the color pink. 

counting to 100 activities

He loved running around searching for the hearts. To keep things interesting, I used a different room of the house each day. The first day was the kitchen, the second day was the living room, etc.  After he found all the hearts, we went to the table and he sorted them.  Then I stapled them to a long ribbon string and we hung that up in our dining room. It stretched around the entire room! He thought that was pretty awesome.

 kindergarten math activities

You can print these for free. The pdf file link is below.  They will print in black and white because I’m a fan of not buying expensive color printer cartridges. I print most things on my laser printer {affiliate link} in black and white. If I want colorful printables, I print them on colored paper. For this activity, I chose colors that reminded me of Valentine conversation hearts.  

Download the printable numbers by clicking here.