Kindergarten Math Activities – Flying LEGO Mini-Figs

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I’m always looking for great kindergarten math activities for my six-year-old, so I was really impressed when my ten-year-old came up with this flying LEGO mini-fig game for his little brother using his stomp rockets. Stomp rockets are one of our favorite indoor toys and this activity was perfect for a bad-weather day.  Once the boys got the rockets and LEGO guys set up, they started measuring for distance, which is one of the math concepts I’ve been working on with my little guy.  

kindergarten math activities

{This post contains affiliate links.}

First, the boys attached the LEGO mini-figures to the foam stomp rockets using a rubber band.  Next, they placed the rockets on the launch pad and stomped or pressed on the pump to sent the rockets flying through the air.  They were doing this at the bottom of the stairs, trying to see how high up the rockets would go.

kindergarten math activities


kindergarten math activities


At first, they were counting how many stairs, then they ran for the measuring tape and started measuring in feet and inches how far each rocket flew.  If the rocket bounced off the wall upstairs and headed down the stairs, that was even more measuring.

kindergarten math activities

I am a huge fan of not only hands-on learning but whole body learning. New concepts sink in and take hold. This activity involved their hands, their feet and their whole bodies running up and down the stairs to measure and retrieve rockets.  Kindergarten math success!


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