Kitchen Science: Freezing and Melting

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Today we experimented with freezing and melting.  We took various things from the refrigerator and pantry and put them into ice cube trays.

Pouring cups of juice, broth, sesame oil, mini-marshmallows, chocolate milk, etc. into the trays.

Adding olive oil, ketchup, almond butter, margarine, water, pieces of bread, oats, milk and brown sugar into the trays. Some of the items I chose for the kids and some they chose themselves.

After two hours in the freezer, we were ready to explore each substance. One child added water and/or milk to some of the dry ingredients, one did not.

We explored what felt frozen, what was gooey, what textures had changed and what felt the same. This was such a great sensory activity!

Then we dumped everything out onto a flat tray. We explored all the textures and noticed which things melted faster (the oils melted super fast, especially the sesame oil). The water cube had a big bubble in it. Lots of things were frozen solid and lots of things were still gooey. The dry ingredients hardened and felt cold.

Then we  graphed our results. The kids got different results since one child had added liquids to some of the solid ingredients. This was a great way to visually see the results of the project. It also was great counting practice for my preschooler, as well as reinforcement for “most” and “least” concepts for her.

This experiment was inspired by Usborne’s Science in the Kitchen. We varied our ingredients a bit and added the graphing for this fun science activity.  We’ve had a lot of fun with the experiments in this little book.  My kids get very excited when I say, “It’s a Science in the Kitchen day!”

This experiment was brought to you by Daddy’s Day Off of Work.  When The Husband has a day off  for the President’s Day holiday and entertains our toddler, Mom and the Creekside Kids get lots of stuff done. Can you imagine how different this experiment would have turned out if Love Bug were on the loose in the kitchen? [shudder]