Learning With Literature: The Great Kapok Tree

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Learning About the Rain Forest with The Great Kapok Tree book

this post contains affiliate linksThe Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
by Lynn Cherry is an award-winning book about a man who is chopping down trees in the Amazon. Hot and tired, he falls asleep beneath the Kapok tree. The animals come one by one to whisper a message into his ear about the importance of the trees, the value of the rain forest.

We discovered a fun way to play and learn as we read this book.  Our friends at Safari Ltd. sent us their fabulous Safari Ltd. Rainforest Toob to try with our Tropical Rain Forest Unit Study. My kids love and adore Toobs. They are such a great way to inspire learning through play.  We were delighted to find that every one of the animals in the Rainforest Toob is inside The Great Kapok Tree book!  We had fun matching up all of the animals with the pictures in the book, as well as many in the text.

Safari Rain Forest Toob paired with The Great Kapok Tree book

This is part of our two-week-long unit study of Tropical Rain Forests.  I’m working on another blog post on all of our activities, but I thought this terrific book and activity deserved it’s own post.

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry

In the meantime, visit my Tropical Rain Forest pin board on Pinterest for more learning ideas.