Learning With Pinkalicous!

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Pinkalicious! Purplicicious! Goldilicious! Silverliclious!

Learning with the Pinkalicious series, by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann, made for a fun week. Besides reading these great books, we did math, crafts and more.

Our Pinkalicious Math Game
We kept track of all the pink cupcakes Pinkalicious eats throughout the book. They total ten (if you count the number of cupcakes pictured on the pages where Pinkalicious’ dad is trying to get her to go to bed). So we made ten cute cupcakes out of foam (more on that in a minute) and practiced adding them up as many ways as we could.
My daughter was mildly interested in this until I got silly:  “Do you mean to tell me that if you have 4 cupcakes in the first row and 6 cupcakes in the second row, you have ten total cupcakes?”  And if you switch it to 6 cupcakes in the first row and 4 cupcakes in the second row you still have 10 cupcakes?! How did you do that?!” She thought it was hilarious and we kept going with this game for a long time. She used her Pinkalicious wand to count.
Then she decided that she wanted to feed the cupcakes to Pinkalicious. So I drew a Pinkalicious on a long piece of butcher paper and she colored it in.
While I read the story, she fed cupcakes to Pinkalicious via a slit we cut in the mouth. We taped a piece of paper on three sides to the back of Pinkalicious to catch the cupcakes.

To make the cupcakes, I made a simple template and cut out ten cupcake tops and ten cupcake bottoms. I gave that to my daughter along with ten red buttons for cherries. She assembled them all, and then we added the finishing touch: Pink icing. Only we used our special Pinkalicious Glue for the icing.
 Pinkalicious Glue is a bottle of glue, 2/3rds full of glue with the remaining 1/3 filled with pink tempura paint. Shake vigorously, and you have pink glue to decorate like icing.

Pinkalicious Wand Craft

We traced a star-shaped cookie cutter onto yellow foam, used a purple tinker toy for the stick and hot-pink cardstock paper for the streamers. This was totally my daughter’s idea. Love that crafty kid! I wound the streamers around a pencil to get them to curl.

Art in the Style of Pinkalicious

Flowers in the Pinkalicious book and paper plate flower templates.

Victoria Kann, the artist of the ‘licious series, uses a combination of different mediums. Her paper collages use photos, maps, fabric, wallpaper and much more. We decided to try making a collage like the beautiful flowers in the Pinkalicious book. First, I cut out some flower shapes, using paper plain white paper plates.

We studied the picture and noticed that pink was not the only color. We saw reds, yellows and oranges in the flowers, greens in the stems. We then searched the house for materials we could use, even checking the recycling bin. We used tissue paper, a gift bag, pink cardstock paper, a rubber mat, and pictures cut out from magazines.  We traced around the templates onto the various materials we found. The Queen Bee needed some help cutting out this many things, so we worked on it together.
Finally, we were ready to glue everything onto a long white piece of paper. And here is the final result:
 Pinkalicious Activity Pack
There are some great printables on Think Pinkalcious.  We printed out the ones we liked and I stapled them together with a cover that my daughter could draw on. She had a great time doing a Pinkalicious word search, complete-a-word, and much more.


Pinkalicious and Purplicious Play Dough Cupcakes
We made play dough one day. It is really easy. I am sure I am the only parent who didn’t discover that until Pinterest was invented. Anyway, my kids are super impressed that I could dump a bunch of ingredients into a pot, stir it for 5 minutes and come up with this:

Each child got a lump of play dough and a cupcake pan with liners at our Pinkalcious play date.

My 3 year old son had fun with this as well, making and serving cupcakes to everyone.

A Pinkalicious Play Date
My daughter loves to have story-themed play dates. She and her friends played with the play dough cupcakes and danced to the soundtrack from Pinkalicious – The Musical (Yes, I know!).  Then they snacked on smoothies and cookies while I read the ‘licious books to them.

Look at these delicious cookies! No, I did not make them. Does it seem like I have enough free time to make and decorate cookies? Haha, no, I do not. But I do have time to run to the grocery store.

The cookies were good but even better were the Goldilicious Smoothies, inspired by Samantha at Color Wheel Meals.  What a yummylicious recipe.  Here is how we got the boys to participate in our Pinkalicious week. My sons love smoothies, you see, and we make them frequently, but Samantha’s use of coconut milk in the recipe was a huge hit. Between my 3 and 8 year old sons, they drank the entire blender full of Golidilicious Smoothies.
So, the next morning, we made Pinkalicious Smoothies for breakfast.

Did I mention that my daughter dressed in pink every day this week? And on the day of her Pinkalicious Play Date, she dressed up as the Princess of Pink herself.

Here she is, posing dramatically on the deck.

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning our activity!! Love all of your fun creative ideas…looks like you guys had a great time with this 🙂

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  2. We haven’t read this book yet, but the activities look like so much fun and could be changed up to suit the favorite color of any girl. Can I just say those are my favorite kind of cookie from our store bakery?!! Drool!

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  3. My daughter LOVES Pinkalicious! We did a Pinkalicious-themed lesson a few months ago, but I am sure that she would love to do more Pinkalicious activities. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. We have not read any of these books yet, but after seeing this, we are definitely going to! I love all of the ideas/activities here. My favorite is the paper plate flower craft. I just love flower crafts, and they turned out beautiful!

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  5. This is great! I don’t have any girls but thankfully my boys love pink. We got pinkalicious from the library and I didn’t even realize there is a whole series of ‘licious books! Can’t wait to read them all and do some of these fun activities.

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  6. I’m visiting from TGIF. Love your activities! You should check out my Fancy Nancy Tea party I linked up this week. I used Pinkalicious pens for the center pieces!

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  7. LOVE your pinkalicious glue!! What fun =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF. Have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =-)

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  8. My daughters love the pinkalicious series. You really created some great activities!

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  9. My 5 yo daughter would definitely love these books. Looks like you are having a great time.I love the paper plate flowers.Thx for linking up to Book Sharing Monday.

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  10. I must admit I haven’t heard of the Pinkalicious series. But, I think my younger daughters would love this. You have some great ideas!

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  11. What a fun week! Those paper plat flowers are gorgeous. We love smoothies here too. I’m definitely going to try coconut milk for my son. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Kids Co-op!

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  12. Yay!! I finally found your post! I remember you saying you were doing this fab round up in KBN, but my post was to late! Then I asked in there for a link to it the other day so I could put a link to it at the bottom of my post, but don’t think you saw me asking. Anyway, finally found it in a roundabout way, via the Pinkalicious FB page! I have added a link to these ideas at the bottom of my cloud dough post. Can’t wait to try some of yours too- LOVE how they fed her the cakes! And the “pinkalicious” glue is genius!!

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    • Oh, no, I didn’t see you asking on KBN. Sorry I missed that. Thank you for linking up to my post. Just saw your post, it is AMAZING! Love the cloud dough.

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