We like to make math fun. That’s why math activities for kids are some of the most popular posts here. From preschool to middle school, we’ve got math covered.

Whole Body Math Learning: Stomp It! Place Value Game
Hands-On Math Learning For Kindergarten and First Grade
Hands-On Math: Multiplication High Fives
Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Math for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade
5 Awesome On-Line Math Programs for Homeschoolers
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Workbooks and textbooks have their place in math, but often we use them as a guide. Our method is hands-on, feet-stomping, whole body learning. When one of my kids is struggling with a math concept, I know it’s time to put down the books, get up, and move our bodies. Here are all of our math activities for kids — no worksheets, not a single one.

math activities for kids

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math word problems Easy Trick for Kids Who Hate Math Word Problems - Do you have a child who struggles with word problems in math?  Even kids who quickly solve equations can get stuck with word problems. One easy trick for kids who hate word problems or struggle with them, is to act them out. You can use objects or mime movements to create the problem. You can also teach kids to visualize acting out word problems. It sounds simple but there’s science behind it. Multi-sensory learning, using two or more senses to process information, helps the brain learn new information and recall it faster for future use.
Voting Booth for Kids for the 2016 Presidential Election - Ready or not, the  2016 Presidential Election is almost here. If you’ve been following along with your children or students, learning about the candidates and the process of electing a new United States president, having a kids voting booth is a great way to extend that learning. This activity also incorporates math skills by tallying votes, collecting statistics of voters and averaging those stats to figure out the demographics of your polling place. The ballots, tally sheets, “I Voted” stickers and poll worker badges are free to download in a pdf file below. 
how to learn multiplication tables quickly How to Learn Multiplication Tables Quickly – 10 Ideas - Hands-on, multi-sensory learning is a great way to tackle memorization. You’ll see lots of those ideas here on Creekside Learning, especially for math. Here’s how to learn multiplication tables quickly. We’ve tried most of these with one child or another in our house. Sometimes we’ll use one method for a few tables, say 3’s and 4’s and then another method for 5’s and 6’s.  Just to keep things interesting. 
place value for 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade How to Teach Place Value in Math - The Whack It! Place Value Math Game is a great addition to how to teach place value in math.  Place value is one of those math activities that is just so easy and fun to do outside of a workbook. We’ve often used whole body learning to learn place value with our feet and now we found another way with this table top game.  All you need is a flyswatter (we got ours from the dollar store), some painter’s tape, paper and markers. Watch the video of how we play the Whack It! Place Value Game.
multiplication games Multiplication Games: Finger Hopscotch Printable - Hi Creekside Learning readers! I’m Clarissa, author of Munchkins and Moms, a blog about learning through play in the preschool and toddler years! Today I am guest posting to tell you more about fun multiplication games. This one uses the whole body learning technique that you may already be familiar with (have you seen the Multiplication High Fives activity that is here on Creekside Learning yet? It’s fantastic!) This Hopscotch activity was inspired by my Finger Hopscotch Game for preschoolers to promote fine motor skills and early numeracy. However, children work on refining fine motor skills throughout childhood, not just preschool, and incorporating small and large muscle movements into lessons is a great way to use muscle memory to connect our learning with the whole body!
multiplication chart free download Multiplication Chart (Free Printable) - Before kids completely memorize multiplication tables, having a quick reference on hand is essential.  That’s why I created this free printable multiplication chart. Kids can keep it on their desk or in their notebook, ready when they need it.   Learning multiplication tables is such a critical skill in the elementary years. In our house, we’ve played lots of multiplication games. Our favorite one is High Five Multiplication.    {This post contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I receive a small commission on purchased products. Thank you!}   I’ve laminated our multiplication chart. Click here to see my favorite laminator that has been cranking out our learning activities for 5 years now!  Click here to download the multiplication chart. You may also like:                                 Pin and share this resource:


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