Colorful Tape Menorah Craft for Kids

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These easy, colorful and fun menorah’s are a fun craft for Hanukkah.  They were the idea of my 7-year-old daughter. She wanted to do a simple menorah craft for kids in her American Girl book club.

Colorful Tape Menorah Craft For Kids


The smaller rolls pictured below are washi tape.  The larger rolls are duct tape and some blue painters tape. You really can use whatever you have on hand for this project.

Colorful Craft Tape

This craft took about 10 minutes of prep and about 15 minutes for the kids to complete.

Working on a colorful menorah kids craft made with printed tape

We didn’t have any yellow tape to make the flames on our candles, so we cut out some flame shapes using yellow construction paper, and glued them on.

Using tape and paper to create a colorful menorah craft

When the kids were finished creating their menorah’s, they chose a piece of colorful construction paper and we mounted them.

Hanukkah craft for kids: Colorful tape menorahs

Didn’t they turn out just lovely?

Menorahs made of wash and duct tape

Washi tape and duct tape menorah kids craft

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This craft went nicely with our history series with American Girl doll Rebecca. We used it to go along with the book  Candlelight for Rebecca.

hanukkah crafts for kids

To read more about our book club and how we use the American Girl dolls to learn about history, visit our History With American Girl blog page and our American Girl Rebecca Pinterest board. 

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