More Kitchen Science: What’s Inside a Drop of Blood?

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Learning about the human body for science? Here’s an easy way to make a microscopic model of  blood with ingredients found in your kitchen.

Kitchen Science: What's inside a drop of blood?


You Will Need: 

  • Karo syrup (plasma)
  • Red cinnamon candies (red blood cells)
  • Dry lima beans (white blood cells)
  • Lentils (platelets)

 1. Pour all the ingredients into a container.Learning about the human body: blood


2. Mix together.

Human Body Science for Kids: Learning about blood

 Now you have the results:  What a drop of blood looks like under the microscope.

Science for Kids: Learning about the human body. Make a microscopic model of blood.


This experiment was inspired by R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey using their Life curriculum unit on The Human Body.  The curriculum includes information on diagraming and labeling a drop of blood. 

To further help kids understand what blood is made of, draw large drops of blood onto big pieces of white butcher paper, then read clues to help them figure out which are the white & red blood cells, the plasma and the platelets. Color them the coordinating colors.

Drawing a microscopic model of blood for Human Body Science.

You can have kids label the parts as well as what each is responsible for:  fighting germs, clotting, delivering food, etc.

drawing a microscopic blood model

Other Resources:

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