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Hi Creekside Learning readers! I’m Clarissa, author of Munchkins and Moms, a blog about learning through play in the preschool and toddler years! Today I am guest posting to tell you more about fun multiplication games. This one uses the whole body learning technique that you may already be familiar with (have you seen the Multiplication High Fives activity that is here on Creekside Learning yet? It’s fantastic!)

This Hopscotch activity was inspired by my Finger Hopscotch Game for preschoolers to promote fine motor skills and early numeracy. However, children work on refining fine motor skills throughout childhood, not just preschool, and incorporating small and large muscle movements into lessons is a great way to use muscle memory to connect our learning with the whole body!

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 How To Play

You’ll notice the hopscotch squares use skip counting numbers, which help promote automaticity and fluency of math facts. To play, place one finger on the first square and “count” your way along as your fingers hop to each hopscotch square. Kids can go as fast or slow as they need in order to practice fluently reciting their facts. Once they can recite the facts without mistake, they can challenge themselves by playing in timed challenges, completing the game more quickly each round (you’ll need a simple timer to help with this game).

multiplication activites

The Benefits

Whole body and kinesthetic learning is a way for students to physically interact with the material they are learning which increases student interest and retention of information. As students play, they are creating muscle memory with the actions and facts they are reciting. You may even see students skipping their fingers across the table when they need to recall their facts long after the game has been put away!

Watch the video of how Julie’s kids played Multiplication Hopscotch.


Download Multiplication Hopscotch: Click Here 
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