5 Awesome On-Line Math Programs for Homeschoolers

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5 Awesome On-Line Math Programs for Homeschoolers

Got a kiddo who loves to learn on the laptop? Or maybe you need one child to work more independently to free up your time to work with another child. Here are five terrific on-line math programs for homeschoolers (or afterschoolers who are looking for some more math practice.) 

{This post contains affiliate links.}

  1. Khan Academy
    Sal Khan created this site for the purpose of “providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” Through instructional videos and interactive challenges, students can earn points and badges while learning new skills. The Khan Academy library of content is ever-growing and now includes science and history too.  And did I mention, it’s free? What’s not to love?
    Khan Academy
  2. Time 4 Learning I have a personal bias for T4L because it was the first math program that my son actually loved and looked forward to. Kids from pre-K through high school can use this program. We particularly liked their program for Kindergarten through 2nd grade with it’s animated activities. It felt more like a game than “doing math”, and that made it very appealing to my child. Progress is tracked for parents to see. And, while we primary used T4L for math, their subscriptions also include social studies, science and language arts.
    Time4Learning free 14 day trial
  3. IXL
    Broken down by skills generally learned in each grade, aligned with state standards, IXL provides math practice for kids grade K through 12. Hidden rewards can be found throughout the activities. Tracking reports show progress. Monthly or yearly subscriptions can be purchased. This program also includes Language Arts.
  4. Switched on Schoolhouse. My readers often mention this Christian-based program that provides on-line math curriculum for grades 3 through 12. The SOS website states that their math program focuses on themes, including number skills, geometry, and algebra and uses “various question formats, multiple exercise techniques, and fun learning games”.
  5. Splash Math works across all your devices so kids can go from computer to iPad to iPhone seamlessly.  Splash Math provides math practice for grades 1 through 5. It has a fun, game-based approach that breaks down math by skill (place value, addition, geometry, etc.). Progress is tracked for parents.


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