Learning Spaces

Here are our learnings spaces for our second year of homeschooling:

Looking in from the foyer. I took a number of large furniture items out of this room to create more open floor space, as my kids like to sprawl on the floor with their schoolwork at times but they don't want to be in a different room from the rest of us.

View from the kitchen. Black cabinet on left is storage for math manipulatives, seasonal books, and other supplies. Top of black cabinet houses our pet toad and the stuff we don't want Love Bug getting into.

I took lots of stuff off of our shelves. There was stuff in front of stuff and we didn't know what we had. Now they only contain workboxes, a portion of our games and puzzles, our nature books, and a few other things to entertain Love Bug, etc. I'll probably add their main textbooks/workbooks that don't fit into workboxes but that's about it.

Wall with timelines. Ancient history is on the bottom and it works it's way up from there. I wanted the kids to be able to reach the one we are working on. I figure as they grow, they'll be able to reach the time period we're studying.

Mom's desk: curriculum past, present and future; laminator and large paper cutter; supplemental readings, science kits and more.

A neater view with the cabinet doors closed.

Kids computer in the kitchen.

Play area in sunroom, which is also where our dining room table is located.

    All of our craft supplies and storage for school supplies can be seen here:

  • Art Room
  • How our Learning Room  looked our first year of homeschooling.
Most of our kids’ books are stored on bookshelves in their bedrooms.  

And there you have it: The tour of the Creekside Homeschool.