Our Version of Me-On-The-Map

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I loved the idea of a Me-on-the-Map Project for my 5 year old, to help her understand the order and place of things, from herself to her house, street, town and so on, right up to the solar system.  Most of the projects I’d seen were made with concentric circles or ovals but I decided it would be easier to cut concentric rectangles.  I cut an inch or so off of some colorful 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, and then two inches off of the next sheet, then three and so on.

I pre-printed  pictures of our state,  country, continent, planet and  solar system, but had her draw our house, street, and city. Here’s the source I used for our continent, country, and state. And here is where you can find printable planet Earth and the solar system. All are free printables. 

When we finished glueing and drawing, we reviewed the order, then put the cards on the table and mixed them up.  I had her put them in the right order before we inserted a brad through all of them to hold them together.  I also had her review the project with Daddy after dinner to see if she really understood why things were in that particular order.

There are lots of ways to do this project and I’ve pinned a number of inspiring ones on my Kindergarten Pinterest Board.