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IMG_9289 Homeschooling is a “Road Less Traveled” - Homeschooling is a “road less traveled.” It’s that simple. Everyone has something about their life that is just a bit different than everybody else, just a little outside of the main stream. Think about it. You choose a career path that was different or  didn’t go to college right after high school. You married someone that others thought was not going to be a good match for you. You have identical triplets. You chose not to have kids at all. You’re vegan in a family of meat eaters.  Whatever it is, think of this thing that you chose, or experienced, that was a bit different than most of your friends and family.  How did others react? 
homeschool groups 10 Tips for Starting the Perfect Homeschool Group - You’re searching for that perfect homeschool group. That co-op that will fit perfectly like your favorite pair of shoes. That class that will be just right for your child. The perfect book club. A group build around your child’s passion for art, Minecraft, sports or– I don’t know– basket weaving. But you just can’t seem to find it. Can’t find it? Then start it!  If you build it, they will come. And it doesn’t have to be time consuming. 
homeschooling mom What Every Homeschool Mom Wants to Hear - As homeschool moms, we get a lot of questions and comments. Well meaning folks often don’t understand. Others are kind of mean. “How can you stand being with your kids all day?” “How will your kids be socialized if they don’t go to school?” “Do you think you’re qualified to teach your kids?”   That got me thinking. If I could choose, what would I want people to say? 
Science Through The Seasons Awesome Science Activities Through The Seasons - We can’t get enough of hands-on science experiments around here!  These awesome science activities are categorized by the seasons of the year. Grab one to add to your homeschool or after school learning. Keep this list handy all year long. Thee are over 100 science experiments here to fit every season.  I’ve pulled the best science experiments from blogs and websites across the internet and put them all in one place. They will work for a wide variety of ages from preschool through elementary school. 
house for sale square How to Homeschool While Your House is For Sale - This Spring, we decided to sell our home. While I knew we would take a break from schooling while moving, I was unsure what it would be like to homeschool while the house was on the market. Would prospective buyers want to stop by while we were in the middle of math? How would we keep the house clean while living and learning in it? Where would we put all the stuff we use for school while still having access to it but keeping our house “staged”? 
how to learn multiplication tables quickly How to Learn Multiplication Tables Quickly – 10 Ideas - Hands-on, multi-sensory learning is a great way to tackle memorization. You’ll see lots of those ideas here on Creekside Learning, especially for math. Here’s how to learn multiplication tables quickly. We’ve tried most of these with one child or another in our house. Sometimes we’ll use one method for a few tables, say 3’s and 4’s and then another method for 5’s and 6’s.  Just to keep things interesting. 
fun handwriting practice 25 MORE Fun Handwriting Practice Ideas – No Worksheets - Ditch the worksheets for some fun handwriting practice. For kids who really, really dislike handwriting practice (perhaps who may have handwriting challenges), I shared 35 ideas in my original non-worksheet handwriting post. This post became so popular that I wrote a book called When Your Child Hates Handwriting: Peaceful Practical Solutions for Parents. It’s available in print and as an ebook. Here are 25 more ways to make handwriting practice go smoothly. 


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