Ultimate List of Math Activities for 5th Grade & 6th Grade

Workbooks have their place but often, I think,  their best use is to give me guidance and inspiration as to what my kids need to learn next. When my kids are in the master-a-concept stage, hands on activities (even whole body activities) help them grasp the concepts much faster than a pile of worksheets. As we move on to the next level of learning, gathering a group of activities that I can pull from each day has been a big help. And I’m happy to share those lists with you. Here’s everything you need to add hands on math activities for 5th grade and 6th grade. 

  Math activities 5th grade and 6th grade

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Famous MLK Quotes ~ Celebrating Dr. King

To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day, here are some famous MLK quotes.  These are free printable quotes that can be used to launch a discussion with your kids or students.  I’ve also put together a list of great books for kids and some wonderful field trips (some virtual and some in person) to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. 

MLK Day quotes

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Cool Science Experiments for Valentine’s Day

Science is awesome! Here’s a round-up of 20 cool science experiments with a Valentine’s Day theme.

easy science experiments

Heart Shaped Science Experiments

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Preschool Science Experiments ~ Valentine Explosions

Looking for easy preschool science experiments with things you already have in your kitchen? We love to put together easy science experiments for kids in the kitchen. Here’s one with a Valentine theme. I love activities like this for younger kids when I’m working with one of my older ones during our homeschool day. 

kitchen science experiments

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Fractions Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Need a super simple way to introduce math concepts through play? Here are some fractions activities for kindergarten and preschool aged kids using LEGOS. 

We used our Quatro blocks to make some fraction towers. For young preschoolers begin with the concept of whole and half.  Work up from there based on each individual child’s readiness. 

fractions activities for kindergarten and preschool

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