Book Club Craft: Painting Set for Dolls

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These painting sets were so easy to make and fun for the girls to set up for their dolls for our weekly Book Club. More on that in a minute. Here’s Rebecca with her paint set.

Make a painting set for dolls. From Creekside Learning.

The girls loved creating paintings for the dolls as well.

Craft Stick and Washi Tape Paint Sets for Dolls from Creekside Learning

Aren’t they cute? And look at these little paint pallets that my friend Krista made to go with the little brushes. 

Painting palette and brush for dolls

Here is all you need. (Affiliate links below.)

For the easels:

supplies you will need for craft stick and washi tape easels

You will also need a small piece of foam for the paint pallets, some small paint brushes and a little more craft tape for the brushes.

How To Make Craft Stick Easels

1.  Wind the washi tape around the craft sticks.

washi tape and craft stick easels

Make four sticks total and have your glue gun ready to go.

craft sticks and washi tape

2.  Glue two of the sticks together at the top with a hot glue gun.

washi tape and craft stick easels step 23. Glue the 3rd stick as depicted in the photo below. Then add the 4th stick on the front, like a shelf.

craft stick easel tutorial

Ta da!
Craft stick and washi tape mini easels | from Creekside LearningNow for the mini paintbrushes…

I had these small paint brushes that came with a craft set. No one used them much, so I cut them to doll size with my gardening shears.

Making mini paint brushes for dolls.

I didn’t like the red, so I covered them with a little more washi tape.

mini paint brushes for dolls

Next, my friend Krista took a piece of white foam, cut into the shape of an artist’s palette and drew paint circles on with sharpies. She cut a little hole for the doll’s thumb to fit. Here’s American Doll Ruthie holding her paint palette and brush.

Paint set for dolls. | from Creekside Learning

Next, we had the girls create mini paintings using the small canvases and Sharpie markers.

mini paintings for dolls

And here they are! I love how they turned out.
Mini paint sets for dolls

About Our Book Club

We did this craft as part of my daughter’s American Girl Book Club. We meet weekly to do a craft project and discuss the book we are reading. We’ve mostly done the historical American Girl dolls. The girls are currently reading the Saige books. Saige is an artist and a horse lover. We made the Paint Sets for Dolls while discussing the first book, Saige (American Girl Today).

In the coming weeks, we will learn about Pablo Picasso because Saige’s horse is named after him. Here are some ideas that we will be drawing inspiration from, found on Pinterest.

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Make a paint set for dolls.