Planting Seeds With Preschoolers

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invitation to plant seeds Our seed-planting area is ready to for exploration.
Our books: What Does a Seed Need? and Spring Is Here!: A Story About Seeds  (these are Amazon affiliate links).

planting seeds in upcycled cardboard tubes We used cut up cardboard tubes from paper towel and toilet paper rolls to start our seeds in. You can also use cardboard egg cartons.

seeds for my preschooler to plant My preschooler chose to plant carrots and sunflowers.

sprinkling the seeds He sprinkled the seeds into the dirt and covered them with a little more dirt.

gently watering seeds A spray mister allows for gently watering the seeds without flooding them.

More notes on planting with preschoolers…

  • We used a large, vinyl tablecloth underneath our planting area for easy clean-up, since it was too cold to plant outdoors.
  • We read our books beforehand, then as we planted, we discussed the things we’d learned:  how seeds need soil, water and time to grow.
  • We placed our seeds in a bright location.
  • We covered them with a clear plastic container, to make a greenhouse.  Large lettuce containers and rotisserie chicken containers from the grocery store are good for this.
  • I taught my 4-year-old to mist his seeds daily, including misting the inside of the plastic greenhouse container, which makes it “rain” on the seeds.
  • After we finished planting the seeds, I encouraged him to play freely with the remaining dirt, containers, shovels and scoops.

And in a few days time, we saw our first little seeds sprouting!
seed sprouting

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