Positive Thought Cards for Kids

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Here’s an awesome way to turn your day around when things aren’t going well with homeschooling or homework. It’s a total reset button.

Because sometimes learning is frustrating and challenging. Kids bicker, math is too hard, they get overwhelmed. Learning becomes unproductive or stops altogether. It happens—in every single family, whether you homeschool or are trying to get through homework. It happens in every classroom, too.

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Positive Affirmation Cards are one of my favorite go-to resources for when my kids get super frustrated or upset with school work. 

I used positive affirmations a lot when I was a social worker, helping children in very challenging circumstances to help change the negative thoughts they had about themselves. I began using them with my own kids when they would say things like, “I can’t do this!” or “I messed this up again!” or “I’m not smart enough to understand this.” We had little scraps of paper with positive messages taped to the wall, or the inside of a math workbook:

“I can do this.” 

“I am one smart cookie!”

“It’s okay to make mistakes; that means I am learning.”

I started to collect these scraps of paper full of positive messages.  We’d use them when school work was frustrating and kids were overwhelmed with big feelings. We’d read one together and take deep breaths and read it again.


Back to the task at hand we would go. A few more reminders of those positive words, a hug, a “You’ve got this!” from mom, and my kids were more focused and able to do their work. Long division may still be their nemesis, writing a paragraph might still be difficult, but they felt calmer and more confident.

How To Use Positive Affirmation Cards

This is a go-to, in-the-moment tool that you can use with your children. When tough moments are happening, stop and take a break. Ask your child to go to a quiet or favorite place (keep the cards there) and let them choose one of the 50 cards that speaks to them. I’ve included two blank cards so you can make your own if there is something that isn’t addressed here. 

If your child is not yet reading, take a break with them, choose a few cards that might fit their situation and read an excerpt of each, but let them choose which one speaks to them.  Guide them to repeat the affirmation part of the card three times. Even if they do it through gritted teeth. Even if they don’t believe it. Suggest some deep breaths or a break to go outside. Remind them to check in with their bodies–Are they hungry? Thirsty? Need to move?

Then return to the task at hand with those new words. Say them again with your child.


Affirmations are positive messages that we use to counteract negative ones that are getting in the way of progress towards goals. They provide self-encouragement and self-support, a valuable tool to teach kids that gives them a resource for moving through a challenge, rather than relying only on others.

This technique teaches kids:

1.  To solve problems 

2. Manage BIG emotions

3. Focus on the task at hand

4. Give themselves encouragement and support

The affirmation cards are for approximately ages 6 to 13, although kids younger and older can use them, too.

If you homeschool, download the Positive Thought Cards for Homeschooled Kids edition. $4.99  buy-now-homeschool-version

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If you are a parent helping a child with homework or a teacher helping students, download the Positive Thought Cards for Homework Time edition. $4.99 

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There are 50 cards in each set. Download and print all the pages. Cut each page into four cards. They fit nicely in a box designed for 3×5 cards, available at most dollar stores and big box stores. 

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Download and Print:  $4.99 



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