Practicing Writing Strokes for Preschoolers

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practicing writing strokes for preschoolers

Preschool Writing Activities

This is great fun for preschoolers to practice writing the lines and curves that make up the letters of the alphabet.  Use black paper, and sidewalk chalk, soaked in water, to make the colors more vibrant.

wet chalk on black paper

We are about to embark on a focus of learning to really write letters well with my 4 year old. Up until now, he’s been copying from things he sees, can write his first name, but we haven’t really focused on it unless he asked me how to specifically write something.

preschoolers practicing handwriting strokes

I drew different types of strokes and swirls and lines on my paper, some taken from our Handwriting Without Tears preschool book. He would not have stayed interested for nearly as long if I had pulled out that workbook, but brightly colored chalk on paper? The possibilities were endless!

preschool writing practice

My 7-year-old daughter got involved, too, creating a stack of masterpieces. This is good for her as well, as she has some fine motor delays that affect her handwriting.

preschool writing strokes

These preschool writing activities were inspired by Anna at The Imagination Tree and Tammy at Housing a Forest. Stop by and see what they are doing with wet chalk drawings.

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