Preschool Number Recognition Game: Put Out the Fire!

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preschool number recognition

As part of our Fire Safety Learning Unit, we took this activity outside and played an easy preschool number recognition game for my four-year-old. He is currently working on recognizing and writing the numbers 11 through 30, but you can use this for any numbers, letters, sight words, or whatever your child is learning about.

First, I wet the chalk.
It looks so much bolder and brighter that way.  I drew houses along both sides of our driveway and numbered them randomly, then drew fire on one of them.

chalk houses

Armed with his firetruck, fire hat and a spray bottle, I alerted Love Bug, “Quick, there’s a fire at house number 17!” and off he raced.
put out the fire number recognition game

While he was busy fighting that fire, I drew fire on another house and then another, calling out the numbers for him to go to next.
putting out the fire of numbers

When we ran out of chalk houses, Love Bug informed me that it was his turn to draw houses with numbers and my turn to put the fires out.  I love it when the kids come up with things like this themselves. If I would’ve told him to do that, he would’ve said no, I’m sure.

At some point, he decided the hose would be more effective and fun to put out the fires and he was really having fun running around and dragging the hose, really burning off some of that intense Love Bug energy, so I used the chalk to draw fire on a tree, our mailbox post, the front steps, etc.
draw with chalk on trees

Click here for our Fire Safety Learning Unit.

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